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Of the top 3000 bids, the top 3000 bids will all get keys, but they actually pay the 3000 in first bid price. So everyone will end up paying less than what they bid, which is pretty important. And everyone pays the same price, regardless of what their bid is, as long as they weren't in the top 3000. We thought that would be the fairest mechanism to get the first keys out. Now, that's just the white list immediately after the white list, the remaining keys will be sold in a public sale, the public sale is the median of the 3000. So that 1500th bid that becomes the sale price so that will definitely be more than what the people in the white list pay and what happens then is you've got 10,000 key holders in a decentralized community helping make decisions for what could become one of the next great Internet tech platforms and those gen key holders are kind of like Mark Zuckerberg's decentralized market. I mean, we've got a crypto dot com stadium. We've got an FTX dot com stadium. Wouldn't it be cool to have an NFT dot com stadium that was actually controlled by the community, you know? That's what we were thinking, right? Like we've built unicorns before, but nothing like this where it's like and the domain itself NFT dot com is cool enough is marquee enough for us to pledge it to something that is community centric, not that is venture capital centric, for example. And that's why there aren't these season this round, right? This is really for us a marquee sort of what do you call it? It's the important.

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