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The talk radio countdown on k you jia mm the third of october of ours our he's have you think freely listen freely make sure that all of your two in forty of the jested properly the ladies use the advised me to do i'm doug stephane with general oren who has tinfoil ever own every curie kerry show in would brand of tinfoil the you use jennifer tinfoil reynolds rap probably shirt the eu's gonna go along in law whatever the blue boxes add nasreen's rap negga all right how 'bout you victoria but your favorite tin foil tin rap i don't use it because it's aluminum syria you don't use it because it's aluminum yeah aluminum in and of itself the mining of aluminum is dangerous or not good for the wide eliminator all aluminum like from ideal terrain and like i just don't use aluminum products and i'm not going to cook with it because that's cooking aluminum same thing how many years that in my mother used to cook all the fishing aluminum actually that think this is wrong with me all of us stuff that she cooked we always had is aluminum for a place dry and everything they keep the juices in writing i think a lot yeah i mean my parents did the same thing but i mean i just it only in the past few years realize like how bad aluminum is in general and doctor jack push me over the edge so there's there's the aid for about a week when he came denied having fruit because the sugar in it and i did some research and he and i are going to have a conversation about that on this week sir the good day health podcast doctor jack stuck it eliminate we'll discuss yeah because i looked up hammered sugar there was in berries in mellon and all that sort of thing is practically nothing the sugar that is problematic usually highersugar bed berries are actually the one now people tell you take if they don't have a lot of sugar at a and they have a lot of fiber yeah now if you look it up actually look up the sugar kinda which is what i did because there's finding myself not does it just wasn't to appoint could have been withdrawal but i've stopped doing a lot of sugars and i just did this circumstance there's like one quarter of a graham and a cup of blueberries or raspberries or and the mellon's is less.

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