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Bullied his online elia in its in it's dangerous it's devastating annual unless you are made of kryptonite were unless you're the prison united states it could really knocked the hella and if you're fourteen it's probably not a good idea for you to turn around and i repeat harper's at night on of the money or the ability to do that but but we take allcomers i let's let's start with the obvious hollywood everything that's been going on you got harvey weinstein kevin spacey louis seek ko all of these yeah we are nonetheless any way they can get out of it i'll frank in for example he did to equate al franken or even more garrison keillor who i think scratched a backers or something like that to equate that with harvey weinstein is ridiculous so if it's a mile let's say if somebody like a like a all right garrison keillor you could get his reputation back when you a years you can get garrison cules reputation barry weinstein forget about or ruins thing there's you know there's always have singing of this new second acts in american wife would believe if scott fitzgerald um i was the only targets the most forgiving and we always like people who've come back we would a hooligan worth a steward mean people would counter martha stewart donen out no she's been a bigger stronger and better than ever as garrone show was snoop doggy she's hip in young two will new generation um or view instance another matter it's really that would really take a huge effort and would be an almost christ like resurrection of someone who's deceased from reputations in point while from the standpoint of whether the charges a true if they are rugged dealing with more than reputation you're dealing with felonies yeah he's got the los angeles district attorney in.

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