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Wouldn't bet my house on this but i'll bet a cup of coffee to anybody that there isn't going to be any legislation at least this year what could happen and this is obviously a big if it depends on the election if the republicans keep the house they'll probably lose some seats they could lose the house that likely but if they keep it and if they pick up a couple of seats in the senate which is possible then maybe the repub democrats will figure okay you know we can't hold out to the next election maybe we'll try to cut some kind of deal before then i just don't see it happening i in other the development this week is that the president got some support from a guy that he was once fighting with in public judge curiel judge gonzalo curiel saying you know it's totally within the administration's right two uh wave environmental rules in building portions of the wall will this help clear the way for the trump administration once they actually get authorization from congress to get this wall assembled the three clear they have authorization they've had it forever they need the money for it that's what that's what they need to do the wall and judge curiel i mean look to his credit he acted like a judge unlike some of these other judges nissan san francisco and elsewhere in these daca cases or in the travel ban cases those judges you know big kind of implicitly admitted that this was all legal it's just that because it was trump um they were just not going to do it they were resistance judges i mean literally is a renegade judges acting unlawfully whereas curiel his credit insulted by the president came fully quite frankly mean the president had no business saying that kind of stuff but curiel was professional enough to side with the law he be outside with the president he sided with the law and more power to any went out of his way and sacked to declare that pol it takes is not supposed to play a role in his decision making process exactly oh would we had more judges white that quite crankier it's weird that td would have to say that um let's say i was.

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