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He's he's now a reserve. But he also now is an active NASCAR driver. So we'll talk to him about playing in this ball game. And then serving in the military continuing on a professional athlete in a sport that I don't think many people are expecting a a former I think he's think he's the first ever military personnel to drive in and ask our event, so should be a fun one. And then and then we'll wrap it up ahead of the army navy game. So you wanna stick with us here for the next two and a half hours or so as we're live from Lincoln financial field for the one hundred nineteen th army navy game presented by the USAA wicked financial field here in Philadelphia. Adam Copeland and Brian benefit. Tammy we're bringing you all the action. We're gonna have a great conversations coming up again. We're gonna talk to general mile lease coming up here. Milly Milly Milly, pardon me. He's coming up in just a couple of minutes here. He's going to pick his brain on on what he likes. He's going to do a quick kit with us talk a little football. And then he'll get out. And then we'll we'll continue on. And then again, we'll hear from the play by play guys a top of the hour. And then again, Mark Asper Vince Polly of the movie invincible, the actual guy. We're not talking to Walberg would be nice to talk. Marky, Mark, though. Yeah. But I I feel like Vince is going to have some good things say, and as we've talked to him, you know, kind of around has been around the Philadelphia hanging around downtown he's, but he's funny. He's been he's been an absolute character. Yeah. We've been able to chat with them. A little bits added. This guy just has so much energy just talking to him. He doesn't even really know us. But we introduce ourselves. And we kind of joked out I want that guy to wake me up every morning and tell me to, you know, have a good day because he loves live, and he was preaching to us and we loved talking to elven inspiration in a local guy and a lot of fun. So we haven't run the rocky steps yet. But we'll get to that. We've done affiliate state will probably get another one tomorrow. Anything else will take your recommendation to Philly cheese steak didn't even really count. We gotta go to a better spa. We got we got a Philly cheese steak yesterday. Diet is a diet tease. You like that take things for things that just don't quite don't quite hit your fancy the Benjamin Franklin bridge the diet bay bridge. We're we're rolling into this car at MIT says that he points at the Ben Franklin bridge, and he goes at this diet bay bridge with the Ben Franklin bridge similarities. When you look at it from afar, and you don't really think about it. Traveling with medium impact Ryan is a trip man. This guy last night asked me to iron shirt for dinner. I said, no, dude, you're earning it, so I thought maybe, but I guess I was so to ask. Got to hold your hand to. Yeah. Please unbelievable stuff. I've got to cut his stake for tonight, probably what we had to dinner to get you an applesauce in an apple juice. We'll get you some Nafa kids so cider maybe maybe and j with no cross like that. It'll be all good again at Lincoln financial field ahead of the one hundred nineteenth. Army navy game presented by the US a fantastic event here and promises to be a great ball game. We got more coming up on the other side, Adam Copeland and Brian benefit..

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