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The production on this one is way about yeah uh anyway there you go i feel like the harry thousand version it's out there for you the fine and listen to the floor says no i say no era no uh the deadline hanging it out john boyega she balmy that may kill you malays within the doha la gazzetta swamy me live but still goods there's no wicked lake great there love it play that you know how to play that have i don't know how to play that i played it for me i can't play my god years of guitar lesson that we got it out of you you know nothing it's my thing that of everyone i could play my room gone myself i feel that robin williams lovable do this real quick i love la for years we did uh the now ends and festival in sharon metal which is right there at the east end of the goal of the golden gate park and now it looks like sharon meadow is going to get renamed robin williams meadow uh the odds are good idea a great idea they say it's expensive than a you know who williams sharon as i do because i read this morning who he is we are bad person now which is named after someone who's so insignificant today sharon meadow is named after william sharon a banker and later a us senator from nevada who made donations the golden gate park the sharon building the you know if you've ever been to announce that have you ever been to that area sharon meadow there's a casoli look in building right there behind where the stage is set up a her you say either up within marriage that is the eye has like dome like a gun above cones shaped roof pieces on looked kind of kaselehlie and apparently that's the sharon building which was built in nineteen 18 88 and that was named after him and now houses arts and crafts courses so sharon meadow which is just nearby hi the sharon building was just called sharon meadow it's just the proximity of the sharon building.

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