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Be what's going on with children yet. Yeah might be. What's going on what you you need to do. Less of you and more him solo. What's the first thing. I tell you when i was skating auto but celebs don't get ready. Shallow pride zometa exit. This thing don't let nobody make you feel like you went down and why no don't do it okay. Look hello. is this amount ditch. I feel like throwing the wes. Am i trying to make myself feel like the you did the door like there. Say no. don't let it happen. Okay please don't know you can't do okay. You want to know why you can't do that because then you won't be out their own when they hate me baby. No you gotta let the light shine. We'll tell you this. Little ad man move whistle jacked up today. 'cause it's powerless high. Pray for me but this little man right. I'm gonna let you gotta let edison lead issue. You have to so everybody see see guys light on the inside. You hit to shop right. Yes shot you reality of you listening. I show you gotta shine right. You had to because well needs love bright so you gotta let that light on inside you shot you gotta give you have on the inside of you put it out there pieces form you gotta love on it inside you give love you got hope when it inside you give hope you got encouragement on inside. You'll give encouragement those same things are going to be given back to you right. I'm just wrapping it. Up for your desk the recap of it. You have what you need to get into the power presence of god guys won't show you. You wanna be walking called according to your purpose. He's gonna bless you because you are right tells you in psalm. Twenty three he lets. You know he'd let you know is saabs twenty three okay. What does he tell you. The lord is my shepherd. And i shall not once go. He's tells you he's gonna restore your soul lead you on a path of righteousness in the whereby that when you get into his presence. Don't gotta be all holier than thou. Don't you just gotta just try. You got to see what's going on. He lied you. And i'm to you. As i speak is so myself hoc because we all fall apart time and these pieces subcabinet tomorrow. I'm like oh god to solve. I gotta be straight but you gotta get you so begged again again. Get back on threat is got to help you. And that's it that's all this was about. It was just about purpose. I learnt when my purpose was interview. Get into the power. Your presences give what you already have. You'll go ahead and You figure out your purpose to days. Why was purpose. Makes y'all check out. The song is coming up next. Got other stuff coming off. Sue bickham dropping gas. Food your door. Your yea i'll know what but just wait. Okay 'cause this is just a day makes y'all keep listening 'cause y'all know i'd put it out pizzas because coming out of this thing. Okay came in prayer. Just keep me in the are and not be when i tell you when that got something else to say guys vais. Would i guess doubt to say a shout to everybody's been you're funny. 'cause y'all are the instruments guys using you know y'all y'all he's putting it out there pieces y'all give it to me so shall to you for being obedient. If help him seriously thank you so much amada all my lady friends sending me bibles and you know paying for my hotel stays and just everything to shout to your your yours encouragement like you know just talking to me. M girl shout the you shoul- my guys this out there cray terrorists to talk to me. You know what. I'm going through and stuff like that. Just give me that encouragement man. You know calling me up praying with me first thing in the morning telling me guy. Put me on your heart. Everybody inbox simi by me. Everybody is sending me little things about hoping my kidneys be better shout. Tema mom shout to my daughter's shall to everybody people out a whole foods. That are keeping my me for me. When i gotta go pick up my meat like you'll copy blessing me. Y'all seriously got a free car. Wash to other day dislike. Oh you step into the power his presence man and you give what it is that you need. He will supply all your needs. I let me because y'all i go ahead give you on there. Goodness you to stop just had.

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