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The race to be governor of Georgia is one of the tightest in the midterms in the United States, and it is one of the most controversial now in the final hours of that race. Another firestorm has erupted over the integrity of the voting system on the weekend. Brian Kemp who is running for the Republicans launched an investigation into alleged hacking of the voter registration system by the state's Democrats. And Mr. Kemp is also Georgia's secretary of state who oversees elections, the Democrats are crying foul, and so are some voting rights attorneys. David d cross is a lawyer suing the state of Georgia over its election. Rules, we reach Mr. cross in Washington. Mr. cross what exactly is Brian Kemp's office accusing the Democrats of doing. Well, unfortunately, it's unclear exactly what he's accusing them of. Because he's not provided any details or any evidence of any kind of hacking by anyone the Democratic Party or otherwise, the statements that he's put out over the last couple of days have evolved and shifted in inconsistent ways. But it looks down to a claim that information he received from his lawyers suggested to him that there was some sort of hacking by the Democratic Party. Of course, I know that to be untrue because I'm the one who provided information to his council a Saturday afternoon. Okay. This is this going to that where do the allegations come from? Then the allegations came from a Georgia voter who was on the my voter page. Yeah. And I did a fighter potential -bility that would allow anyone to access registration information for any voter potentially. Even alter that information into we conveyed that to the FBI and to Kim's office on Saturday. So you. You were the ones that you forward to this Email, and I send it to to the FBI. They looked at it for cyber security issues. Then they forward it to Mr. Kemp's office. Yes, that's correct. And also alerted DHS. And what did Mr. can't do with the information forwarded? I don't know what he's done with that. They have not responded to us further at all indicate that there's any ongoing investigation. I know as disaster noon, they still have not contacted, Mr. right? Who is Richard Reid is the guy who identified this Boehner ability to us divided. His contact information to Kim's office on Saturday. No one is contacted him. So so far, there's no indication that any investigation has Kurd understanding that these charges have hacking that he is saying that the Democrats were attempted some packing that the the source of this comes from an Email that you forward it to them about alerting about a possible data-breach. Yeah. I mean, that's what they're saying. But it's hard to draw a line between the dots. Kemp wants to draw because again, give formation we conveyed to the FBI Kim's office had nothing to do with the Democratic Party. We didn't talk to Democratic Party. We weren't involved with the Democratic Party. Neither as Mr. right, not affiliated with them at all. And so for him to say that he obtained information from his lawyers that supported investigation into hacking by the Democratic Party. Just just doesn't jive with the facts is he possibly referring to something else that you've not seen is that possible. I can't speak to what as referring to. Because he won't tell anyone the only thing that I'm aware of is Mr. right did contact the Democratic Party on Saturday morning as well as another avenue to get his concerns to the proper authorities and released from the emails that I've seen that were released by the Democratic Party. They did nothing more than pass along. They simply forwarded the information for Mr. right on to you folks -ffiliated with the secretary of state's office, including secretary Kemp's cybersecurity expert when he Lee who is a professor that serves on the safe commission, specifically for election security purposes..

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