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And alf ramsey was coaching One team and the german coach doesn't matter. I'll i'll think of it as soon as we go off air so the team was mostly german and the team was mostly english. But dino zoff was in goal for this for the six and pat jennings from northern. Ireland was in in goal for the three. Which is what i remember. The most and body charlton was running the game but he was like thirty six years old and he was just standing there and and in those days. Nobody touched you. You know you grow old shoulder. Charge was a shoulder charge. But if you had the ball in your possession you didn't have guys grabbing new jersey. Especially if you're bobby charlton more playing as well I think bobby moore was playing. And i don't remember off hand. A guy called jensen from denmark scoring the first goal on a beautiful pass from from charleston. Helmet shown is that they sure yeah. I was trying to think. Because i knew it's beautiful. How beautiful you know. Don't and i think if i remember right. It was a two one three one game but anyway so that was my first exposure and the stadium was only half four which should have thought taught me something about the common market. Jackson said many years later but at halftime my friend. And i looked around to see where everybody was going to you to the lou and no one was moving and i looked down in my beautiful one. Thousand nine hundred. Seventy three super cool cowboy boots. We're getting very wet. Petty drove because we were we were standing in the. We're standing in the behind the goal you know and it was yes he was just running it and i thought oh my god i wonder. What kind of country is this at. Fell gates of these cowboy boots costs and together so much. I'd never long gone now. They lasted a long time. They weren't they weren't like manley. Footwear kind of cowboy boots. They were They were kind of square toed. And you know relatively modest brown brown expose on them. No no wasn't a spurs fair. Man was inver- inverness inverness. This'll was my team. You remember that one We we were. We were doing for channel four channel. Five and. I'm trying to think of who doing it with. But i'd had all these messages. 'cause when inverness caledonian thistle beat celtic. I'd had all these death threats from celtic fans hundreds of literally. Yeah and and you asked me what was a fan. I said because we're up in on the same trip and inverness caledonian was playing inverness. This'll and we went along with twenty other people to watch the match. And i think it was keith webster's closer you a regular then success so they merged into inverness caledonian kissel. That became my favorite team. A fine choice quite a west time this season. I thought i'd look if what you're reading that piece on your love. Hate relationship with it was funny. I saw the headlines about canes girlfriend accusing him of fixing a playoff game. And i thought harry caine was fixing he was the guy at the chicago. Blackhawks pain the wrestler. That's.

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