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He is crazy and that he is stocking now at the most random times, but he's then obstensibly rewarded for doing? So because he held us Mel and a time of need and she then realizes that. Oh, you know, what I should rather than I can't do this case and chief and she said the beginning she's only ten weeks pregnant, which is like ju of me nuts about this runner. Is that then turns incredibly smug against Melanie when she filing nudges like, you know, what you're right. I should rest. I need to take some time and Lindsay's response to the whole thing was just so smug. And I was like, maybe if it would have come later in the pregnancy, yet late second trimester that would have made so much more sense. But she's like a couple of months pregnant. Let's calm the fuck down one with Michael to it was really creepy that he's stalking her. He just appears. But why doesn't he just offer to help like pick up the grocery? Can I like that would? No. But Michael has got to go the child ish way because he's a child still the agreed to let him be the sperm donor. And I still don't understand that most. You'll see of when we go through a recap that when I posted that whole a lot of people creed that that was not the right way. We get some backstory on W here that I liked where she's telling Michael about being pregnant at seventeen and working on stop until Michael popped out of her womb. But I thought that this was a great moment that would have been nice to hear about Michael's drag Queen father something I would've loved to seem to be again. Yeah. It's it's just never mentioned bringing Gary beach back for a day. Yeah. Go talk to your father about this Michael so hits and misses for this episode. What's your hit? My hit was the come spit take. I was such a funky fan of that moment because one highly unexpected, and I think the imagery was incredibly striking and really sets up the journey that just goes on and how activated he was to fight against Stockwell. When you message me about that. I think the message was something like what do you think of a Jif of the come spit, and I hadn't watched the episode yet. And And you're you're like like what what the? the fuck. Are. You talking about was like. So does at this moment at the top of the episode were just Justin is taking Brian's load and spitting space. Sorry. His face was just on a poster he wasn't like there with that's too bad that what about hot? So my hit was Ben in hunter. I thought this was some great writing and in unexpected story, and I like the seriousness of it. My miss just miserable. The whole Mel storyline. It just it made me angry. Everyone was using this pregnancy against Mel. And I think it really diminishes what it's possible for a woman who is pregnant to continue to raise a family to continue to work. It's possible people. Do it all the time that it took such an attitude against Mel as she sort of cowers and defeat with it that it was completely turned the off. My miss was a little bit of an overarching one of what you said, it's Michael overreacting to basically everything in In this episode. this episode. I e overreacts Melanie, then Ben and then completely does a u turn on both all within one episode. We need to see more. Pas -ality. Yeah. Michael, otherwise, he just comes across as a lunatic. So that was a mess for me. This has been ten of season three in it's called Ben next time stock will meets the gay community, which doesn't go. Well, Brian is fired from the company Ted's drug use escalates. Ben and Michael hunter that he is HIV positive that will be episode eleven of season three, and it's called host or may lead to the truth. And remember, we're on Twitter and Instagram at still query F, and you can find us on Facebook and continue the discussion at still queerest fo-..

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