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Democrats vote to hold attorney general bar in contempt and are twenty four is in sixteen knows New York. Senate votes to give up Trump tax return. The Bill would allow the release of state returns to congress new Trump's sanctions on Iran. He's targeting. Ron's iron copper steel and aluminum industries. This is the CBS world. News roundup late edition presented by Dell. Small business. A House Judiciary committee voted today along party lines to hold attorney general William bar in contempt of congress for not handing over that unredacted Muller. Russia report correspondent Steve Dorsey. The contempt citation is expected to trigger a lengthy court battle if it passes the house it came after President Trump exerted executive privilege to block the release of the full unredacted Muller report, Texas, democrat, Veronica Escobar, there's so many efforts to prevent us from getting to the full truth Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson moving today to hold the and contempt. It is not only premature unprecedented and unwarranted. Frankly, it is shameful. Republicans say the full report contains protected grand jury information Steve Dorsey, CBS news, Capitol Hill. The New York Times says it obtained a decade's worth of the president's federal tax returns beginning in the mid eighties showing then businessman, Trump reported a billion dollars in losses over the period. The president called the report highly inaccurate and said the losses were non-monetary write offs and depreciation that real estate developers like him. We're entitled to take during that period. New York lawmakers meantime, are moving to release the president's state returns, Brad oilman, Manhattan, democrat co authored the Bill that cleared the state Senate today, New York as the home of the president and the headquarters for some of his companies has unique role and responsibility in that regard to allow congress to do its constitutionally mandated job at Bill still has to clear the democrat controlled assembly and governor Cuomo. That is likely in response to Iran's threat to resume high enrichment of uranium. The Trump administration today announced a new round of sanctions correspondent Steven Portnoy. These new sanctions target Iran's key commodities, the country's iron steel, aluminum and copper industries which outside of oil comprised Iran's largest sources of export revenue. The White House moved to impose these sanctions comes less than a day after Iran announced it intended to stop complying with key parts of the two thousand fifteen nuclear deal. In a statement, President Trump says the new sanctions apart of what he calls. The most powerful.

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