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Tonight steve bannon and the hotseat spending the day behind closed doors with house intel as nbc learns he spent some twenty hours with muller this week plus while facing a crisis behind the scenes at the white house president trump addresses the school shooting tragedy without mentioning the word guns and as florida mourns in washington fails to act far students around the country going to be the ones to push this issue where others have failed the eleventh hour on a thursday night begins now good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york day 392 of the trump administration and according to details just revealed today we now know this has been an extremely busy week in the russia investigation nbc news is reporting that steve bannon met with special counsel robert muller over multiple days this week according to sources familiar with the proceedings in all bannon spent a total of some twenty hours in conversation with the team led by muller then today after an almost monthlong standoff on returned to capitol hill to continue is interview with the house intelligence committee he emerged after four hours reportedly answering 25 questions that the white house had negotiated with the house lead counsel on the republican side after bannon's testimony congressman adam schiff the california democrat top democrat on the committee told reporters bannon refused to answer questions that had not been scripted in advance it went so far to refused to answer questions about conversations he had after he left the administration and with people who played no role in the administration had never been in the administration there is no plausible claim privilege it could apply to those circumstances.

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