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We're moving on, Dan, our loss key. I say it every week one of my favorite guests to talk to from ESPN former NFL quarterback he joins us now. Daniel good morning. How are you? I'm doing awesome, man. How are you? How are you? Everybody's disappointed here. They aren't stunned that it was Cody parkey that it came down and his leg, and he didn't get it done just bummed because they had a good football team that should have gone farther. Great football team. You know, I was telling people this week that I do, and I remember maybe two or three weeks ago, you brought up that exact conversation of okay, you're looking at this team and doesn't have a ton of weaknesses. Are you concerned with parking and whatnot justifiable question? I think we both kinda made the agreement. Like, yeah, you you are away. But you are where you are with and the way he responded after that rough rough game again, Troy kinda gave you some hope and he was three per three. Obviously last weekend. You know, there's there's a lot of storylines tied to that. That that kick that that play alone where the timeout was. How much does the tip fact it I could say this as a quarterback when I dropped back in the ball and somebody gets a finger on it that ball one hundred out of one hundred times is not going to go where I want us to go a hundred it's not gonna look the way I want to it's not going to go the way I wanted to go. And I do think that does matter for the kids, I do think that we have to pay attention to that. But it's just a it's a bummer way for a really good football team. Ender season. And also, and I don't want to understate this really young quarterback on the verge of having a huge huge moment in terms of looking at this team now and where they go next. They don't have a first round pick. They don't have a second round pick. What do you think they need to add Bobby Massey's, a free agent at right tackle, they've got Adri name. Oh embrace Callahan. As free agents in the defensive backfield. I think they need to upgrade the running back spot. Other people don't where are you on what they need to do going forward to improve the roster. I would absolutely Callahan back on my football team strictly because and you hear me say this all the time you offenses that are going to threaten you in the NFL you're going to be multiple. They're going to have a bunch of different guys that they can get through it. No longer. Can you have one or two good corners? You better really have three or four and in Callahan has proven that he's a very viable asset in that nickel area. So I bring him back on my football team upgrade the running back position. What what would you upgrade to though that? We like Cohen is out of the equation. You know, if we're talking about Howard. What what would you upgrade to in regards to is he going to be more of a traditional? We can rely on you first and second down back because Cohen has the he's not a gimmick player, but he has his specialized skill Howard's a little bit more the bruiser big backs. Like that would be the question is can I go out there and get somebody that's cheap. That is a different and upgraded version of him. I don't believe so certainly not gonna use it draft pick on it. You know, take a running back at in the third round. If there's somebody sitting there, and you're like, whoa. You wouldn't do that? Well, no, absolutely. I would if there's a guy that we as a as a front office have deemed to be a first round talent or second round talented. He's there at my third pick the thing about the bears is when you're we. And I mentioned this two minutes ago. Didn't have a lot of flaws right right now. Because of the team they built you're looking at in that in net round, you're looking at who's the best player, you're not necessarily looking at holes. Who's the best player? That's going to impact our team the most. And so, yeah, there's a back there that you feel is going to be an upgrade and we valued him at X. We can't pass that up because we had him at the the eighteenth best player on our board. We're picking at you know, that eighty four picks like, yeah. Then you're certainly are gonna have to put hard hard thought into it. But if there's a guy that is similar, I don't think you take him. Just because I don't think you take him just because they don't have a lot of holes on their football team. This is a roster that relatively solid I to be honest with you. I'm looking at can I add more weapons on the outside. I want as many guys to throw the football too. I can't if I can here's the question. If there's a receiver that I value as a second round receiver in that third round spot. And there's a back that I value as a second round back in that third round spot giving the receiver all day long. Okay. You asked me. What would I want to upgrade at running back? I'm not the biggest Jordan Howard guy. I'm not he's okay. He's a guy is not quick enough. He does catch the football. Very well. He's a good blocker. He's a good guy. I want somebody with subspecies and some ability Matt forte that they got the second round many years ago that kinda guy Kareem hunt without the baggage that kinda guy. Yeah. I I do believe that. I mean, I get that question. You have to ask yourself is if I get this guy, and we like him who am I taking touches away from touches that I'm gonna afford. This guy are gonna be this. If they're going to be x taking touches out Colin tan during my take it touches outta Allen Robinson, Dan. And so that's the question. You have to ask yourself. And then if you're saying, okay, we yes, we're gonna take you know, I I like football and the math lot if we're gonna take touches away. From those guys is the value that we're going to take him in that third round worth. It is it worth it is he going to impact our team touch wise, and the the reps that those guys are gonna lose is that value could be added really help us is that gonna take us to you know, wherever the Super Bowl is next year. Is that the guy or part of that? Now, you know me I'm an offensive guard like the most. Often. So I understand it. But you do have to ask yourself. Are you going to be taking touches away from a guy who I believe you need to continue to run your offense through and Cullen? Yeah. I understand where you're coming from there. I wanna make sure the the offensive line is upgraded. Bobby Massey's, a free agent. So either bring him back or figure out what you're gonna do it. Right. Tackle that's far more important. And I'll be honest with you, Dan. I there is zero chance if I was in charge that Cody parkey would be back here zero. You can't you can't you just can't. And and you know, I've been outspoken about this. You know, you feel terrible for the kid. I've been in college. I've been in that situation where literally last play the game. I lost the game for my team. And you feel terrible for everybody involved. He handles it like a pro incredibly classy everyone's understanding of that. But as a as a bears fan, you you you should want nothing. Nothing for him to do with your football team moving forward net has nothing to do with him as a as a person. But as a fan, you if you. Fast forward, and you've taken you work hard. And you earn your money. Invest your time and your money and your feeling your motion into this football team. And you're in that very similar situation next year. I don't I don't know. I don't know you can do that as an organization to your fans, they show, you know, the right decision. And I can't imagine. This is not what happens is they move on both for the team. And for Cody parkey, Cody parkey needs a new home as well. Because of how things kind of transpired. But you know, I I'm up the belief that the fingertips does does matter, and I also, and I know you came onto the show and kind of reference this you've got to be honest about the lack of the the defense closing the game out. You I send it out in a tweet. One Sacco game is not good enough for them to go on the field with four forty eight or something at home against the backup quarterback. I know, you know, obviously has incredible story, but as a backup quarterback, I mean, you go back to August. When the trade was made for Khalil Mack in that specific drive was the reason why that trade was made. That's the exact reason why that trade was made because he's a close. And it didn't happen. So I I don't want to you know, me. I'm not running from that. Yeah. I couldn't agree with you more that look the defense had a great year. It was a fun season twelve wins, blah, blah, blah, you first of all the punter can't kick a thirty six yard punt in the most crucial punt of the season. It just can't happen. It did. But now somebody's got to make a splash play. Whether that's Khalil Mack. Whether that's Akeem Hicks Leonard Floyd, Danny trevathan, whoever the heck it is. They can't let them drive it all the way down and on third nine Nick foles finds out John Jeffrey to the two yard line. Can't happen. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And I I keep saying I told that to people this week like when we this defense from people who are in Olympics and stats people had parts of it that were statistically or historically. Great. Like there were parts of this defense. That were historically great. That's why and for them to have their moment. Because I'm I'm being honest with you like I have all year. There's might not be some people who like it. But if you panda all the fans throughout the season. How what's our biggest concern? Everybody said Mitchell Trubisky, everyone said in that moment can Mitchell Trubisky handle it. And I don't want to not talk about the fact that Mitchell Trubisky in the fourth quarter was stones those throws. He made on that final drive until if you can watch the all twenty two angle from the back of the throat or Robinson. It's ridiculous that he attempts it like that. He actually has the stones to throw it. So we get like that that is such a huge moment. But the fact that the defense trotted out there everybody put have put their money down and said I trust our defense. Everybody would have said we're good start booking flights for next week. We've got the best. Defense in the NFL. And statistically a historically. Great defense. I'm gonna take them, and they didn't close and as much as we can say man, Cody parkey make that kick. We also have to be honest about that moment that that drive and hold everybody accountable. And I think that's something to not kinda shy away from. I also believe that this is a team that's really hopeful for the future and very bright and Trubisky. These huge reason why. We're talking with Dan are lost joins me in every Wednesday here. So as we look forward now in the NFL playoffs bears are going to sit at home. Where are you on the matchups that we're gonna see Philadelphia and New Orleans we could start there, and then Dallas and the Rams in the AFC? Yeah. So, you know, we'll talk about feeling was because obviously that's the team that you know, the bear's loss due to your right now is is really remarkable what they're doing. I mean, the fact that you're looking at an offense that has totally kind of. Got into a comfort zone when it comes to every facet of the game..

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