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Scripts suck and sodas movies aside i don't care about his performs is walberg maybe not the world's greatest actor solid always picks the right projects any rate this was also a true story the getty museum as you've heard the grandfather in this who at one point was the richest man in the world and has gone on a donate a lot of his art and it has created the getty museum they kidnapped his grandson so they said they want seventeen million dollars for his release and they weren't even going to hurt him or torture met with sport hey we get your grandson you're rich pay us we give him back simple as that we're not going to cut a finger offer even act like we are this is sport we got him we win so he holds a public pressconference gin true story he says i'm not gonna pay seventeen million so the reporter covering the press conference just goes through well how much would you pay and he goes nothing and he turns and walks away in you think that that's a a brilliant billionaire negotiating now he was actually coldhearted son of a bitch she put a value on everything and his value for kidnapping was the euro and he was going to pay and didn't pay never paid the kid came back he was missing an air this point when on to be a drug addict ended up doing like a suicide or something after being in a booster not house for the rest of his life and it was a big mess the guy was a rupprecht i guess accorded the movie right but i thought it was really well made all the money in the worldwide recommended wijers ruined for everybody had i not is ruined for every but i would i would recommend that i knew i knew what happened in the trailer i had seen the press conference the press conferences and the trailer where he said he has to pay anything yeah and i thought that god me intrigue i haven't seattle viet how did use latino quinta yeah how did you like christopher plummer did he does he got sippy got nominated for best supporting actor who was beat out by sam rockwell yep uh did he do a.

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