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Says, quote home building is set up for success. Steven Back to you. Thanks, Bill. We're going to continue our look now at the winter weather, As you know, bad weather up north or down south can really hit real estate. So what can we expect in the next three months for that? Let's continue our conversation with an expert. Joining us now, once again is Paul passed? Alak, senior meteorologist and chief of the Long range Forecasting department at AC You weather, Paul. Welcome back to real estate today. Oh, glad to be back. Steve. We are so glad you're here. So Paul, how about the Upper Plains and the Pacific Northwest? How are they looking this winner Paul anywhere across the northern tier the nation's susceptible of getting some busy whether this winter season Maybe even extended as well. I think the specific Northwest periods where it's going to be very active in the near term here in mid December, very active, heavy rain mountain snows measured in feet. Coastal winds going to be a issue as well. That will ease back for period of time, then come back again in mid January and February, and we could be looking at an extended against season all the way. Which is not that unusual for March, April and even into May, as well could still be talking about snow in parts of the northern Rockies. Oh, my gosh! And continuing around counterclockwise as we look at the southern area of California and the Southwest. They had.

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