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Is what you'll use your original hosted by and this is his last go around he says and as you know we have to believe that yeah everyone's you're well to or is there a farewell to arms will get you out she's and they are going to show the movie it's a John Claude van Damme movie how old is no surrender no anyway and it's also a live show right the common thinking right over and they'll stop and do a song in and I see some comedy and then they'll continue with the movie and film like an episode of mystery science theater but one I think it's interesting that the you when you said that but at least they gave you the honest answer them that that you're right that doesn't happen and and do do guys like you promoters yet get stuck on the hook when that kind of thing half course anywhere from we don't get any credit we get all the blame I don't I don't have any idea why you would want to do that so it's don't remind me seriously Hey I know pretty much they know if if you had if I had to cancel a show yeah all hell would break loose yeah yeah yeah but if an artist has to do it they got to do it and that's what happens and you know I would say that most of the time they're they're very they want to make it up to you they don't you know that if there's there's no money usually that is involved the size of whatever the advance marketing is an even and you know no an artist always wants to be there for the fans they really truly do so they never do anything like that intensely but you do sometimes get the you know like you know are appealing Stanley from Alice in chains but you know the cancel the tour because he hurt his back moving his couch yeah which you know yeah well I think obviously couldn't get office couch that's the thing yeah and now died on a secure downtown is kind of something like that with the does for you somebody enjoyed the camper van Beethoven cracker show one but I heard it was fantastic well I I members I've never seen camper van Beethoven seen crackers yeah they put on a great show yeah camper van bait van Beethoven years ago at the speedway allow it was it was great I mean it was just incredible yeah I got a few techs that night I was kind of you know coming out a new year's eve edition of the Commonwealth of natural January second and how do I get off my couch I hurt my back move in so you've got if you want to find out about all the shows that Derren and his associates and there's more we didn't get hardly the state room I'm not until ten well with your should you'll the state room the Commonwealth room if you just go to the state represents dot com they're all there yeah deer valley that you got out of the next summer I am I don't know what P. Rockwell is that is our club in Park City on main street in a couple years now mostly weekend music a little more regional and local acts but really find kind of speakeasy vibe right there where the old so I see the old Star bar used to be and actually Mrs fields cookies if you wanna go way back will usually be the least of their but it's right next to the brew pub on the top of the street map did you know that there is a tunnel underneath the main street apart city that goes from the Egyptian theater across the street and it was well and there's a and there's a I still use it well what the Egyptian theatre people have done the is there a so the fields built that night Debbie and think here what are smuggling cookies well they did she want to have to go to walk in the rain too you know yeah get your car which was up across the street from a cookie shop and so they built this tunnel and there's a room there and the Eckels theater has turned that room into a black box theatre the not vehicles which is usually the really underneath the stage issue I mean underneath the street when you go on in the tunnel together on the other side and it's and it's so there must be an exit from the other side I'm sure the fire people wouldn't allow it otherwise you think so but you use they'll they'll use their box office on main street and you buy tickets and you go to in the second goal not only what you brought some tickets to get what I did I did yes we have a pair of tickets to the sold out Jay and silent Bob shown nice yeah so you can just call up or down and how that works here and give us your email will get you taken care of yeah eight seven seven six oh two nine six nine six in random caller or random call random caller for a student and then you have shoot him again the shooter Jennings a pair all right and a pair to measure K. you decide who gets what all right or one day yeah know what you're hearing this on Tuesday morning that no parking is eight seven seven six oh two nine six nine six thank you Sir thank you guys I will see next month thank you for the music hello okay I'm married to a name change you know I thought it was Monday Monday by the munchies.

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