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Context of some of the pact hanjour that we're talking about for reform for and then some republican lawmakers have floated the idea of reducing tax revenue by one point five trillion dollars over the next ten years in other words lowering the top tax bracket would be about a third of those total proposed cuts even though the president said as recently as last week that the wealthy team at all from the reforms i'm tracy samuelsen for marketplace it is terrible in puerto rico right now and by all accounts it's going to be terrible for a very long time become a week after her gain maria left the island flooded and completely without power as of this morning nearly three million americans on that island still don't have electricity and damage to the broader puerto rican economy is becoming more clear an economy that as we have reported has been in deep trouble for a long time array the american pharmaceutical industry is being close attention more than a quarter of all the judge we export our made in puerto rico so the companies that operate more than 50 plants and distribution centers on the island ortrun recover as marketplace's aaron schrank reports puerto rico he's been a pharma hotspot since the 1970s thanks to tax breaks for the industry nickel at lewis saint runs healthcare ready and national nonprofit that works on healthcare disaster response he says the island plays a big role in the pharmaceutical supply chain and not just as a manufacturer but also address and i am distributed for the rest of the caribbean where she says people have been through a lot this hurricane season and can't afford disruptions in their prescription drugs supply but lewis saint says shorages may not be in the cards because drug makers plan for disasters like these hurricane income every year companies are very aware of that particular hazard that they have to contend with and they have the continuity plan in place they've stockpile generator fuel developed emergency staffing plans and are quickly moving drugs that have already been made off.

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