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What's happening at. The fed marketplace breaks all down. So you don't have to listen to marketplace where you get your podcast. Yeah that's the part. That i think trips up just a robin leonard. Message chew of kind of by accusing the league pay of lying. That became at least for us. Like the initial story of you know we're rushing to the nhl in the nhl pa who we've mentioned hasn't popped Publicly commented on this saying basically. Is this true. you know. That's the line of questioning. Whereas i think there would have been a better way to frame it of just kind of more of the will. Why is this different. Or why is this the way you guys are going about it because like i still understand lenders frustrations with how the league's acting with this because all the other professional men's professional sports leagues are going about it differently in terms the nba. Mlb nfl. The nfl's obviously not in season but the nba and major league baseball are so i get letters point of like if they can do that and they're doing that on a team by team basis. You know major league baseball is not saying okay once everyone on all of our teams has the opportunity to get fully vaccinated wall relaxed protocols. It's no as soon as you are fully vaccinated. This applies to you and if you know one team gets their ahead of the other team we don't care that other team gets these things i in. That's kind of their subtle way or if you call it not so subtle of them kind of encouraging people get the vaccine in the nfl if you get fully vaccinated. You don't have to be subjected to daily kobe tests anymore which for a lot of players. I'm sure would be a very welcome thing in the nhl. I'm sure a lot of guys would welcome it. Currently the knight's still have to get tested every single day even on their quote unquote days where they are not required to come to the ring. In skate they still have to actually show up to the team facility. you know. get their cova test and then basically drive away. So i think that would be welcome for a lot of guys so i. I get the frustration. There i do. You know the message may be wasn't frame probably as well as it could have been. But i do understand kind of the gist of his frustration. The last thing to say on this topic before we move on. Dave is just you know i mentioned it. Sounds like a daily gm's to not expect protocol change anytime soon So do you think the fact that lennar was public with this and i would assume A lot of players are now talking about it Both you know in front of the media and just behind the scenes amongst themselves in various locker rooms in the time that they actually get to be in their locker rooms together. Is this going to have any impact you think. Is this going to cause the nhl or nhlpa to revisit this earlier than they might think or. Is it going to be a case where this actually looked at until the playoffs. Maybe not even. Then i think in i know larry brooks from the new york post written something that seemed to kind of indicate that maybe the road a little bit. Maybe in the playoffs that there could be You know some different things that come down. I mean you know hard of hearing this. I'm thinking about this. And like i. I'm the more and more than thinking about the more and more i. I'm realizing i need to be very careful what i'm saying because there's almost like a lot of political undertones to this and where i get where the nhl is coming from is like you know the guidelines in different states in different areas of the us. And like you mentioned versus janitor are completely different in it. Should as robin lehner pointed out. It's shouldn't impact anything be competitive part of all. That shouldn't come into play. What just get just taking a step back really. It's hard to ignore it. You know and so there's just there's so many different layers to this. There's so many different things i think you know. Maybe there's enough pressure if there's enough change. If there's enough positive progress going forward just across the country in in canada you know maybe if the nhl feels like to the playing field is level enough. I guess which you know again reiterate rob lenders point his at a shouldn't be a factor but if that's how they're looking at it in they're going to say well okay. It's it's this way in new york and it's the saint now california's similar in florida. You know i guess. Texas texas North texas by you know maybe doubt point than the nhl can look at it and say okay. Maybe we can do some things. We're down to sixteen teams. Maybe all sixteen those teams or whatever have been vaccinated that pointer whatever it might be that enables the do it. So you know we'll see. I guess you know you're optimistic. You're hopeful is we've learned in the last year plus fifteen months. Whatever it might be. You know who knows what this thing. That's very true. Well we'll leave that discussion for their in. Turn to a some more on ice matters for the golden knights who have had a leisurely last couple of days weirdly for the first time in a long time. They played the anaheim ducks on saturday. One after having two consecutive off days which was crazy at the time and then they've now are going to have three days without a game in a row before playing wednesday at colorado which is even more nuts. so that's interesting as we mentioned at the top. We're down to nine games. Left in the regular season for the knights of two against colorado arizona minnesota in saint louis plus one against san jose to close out their season. The avalanche lawsuit. These saint louis blues last night to the nights are now four points ahead of colorado. With one game they their head hit. Points percentage colorado has a much easier road the rest of the way however they have four left against the kings for left against the sharks and then of course those two left against the knights so with that being kind of the final stretch. Dave how much of a slip up If any can the knights afford thrust of the way here and still come away a winning the west division which as we've talked about his a big deal because saint. Louis kinda scuffled all year. It looks like they're kinda pull away in that race for fourth and would get to play them in the first round rather than playing the minnesota wild which is a team that they've kind of. That's the team that actually struggled the most with all see them. I mean i guess it's like anything all year with These games being four point games so in terms of a slip up. You know nine games. I mean you'll foreign and five and you're losing you know to colorado to minnesota. Yeah those teams can gain ground. You know real quick. You know that you know the game tomorrow with the with the nights in the avalanche i mean if the goal knights win in regulation all of a sudden they ticket six point me with they have eight in colorado nine games left. I mean that's a pretty big lead. If you're able to hold serve the rest of the way or of these you know come close to holding. Serve the rest of the way so you know. It's a big game tomorrow. It's a big stretch. It's kind of the deciding factor. I mean i don't. I don't expect it to really be decided until that. Second avalanche in probably may tenth final hung in philadel- nights. So we'll see that that's the fun. Part of this is not playing. Had had you know. It's it's the one advantage i guess with with the schedule and i think it worked out the play. Division teams down the stretch. Anyway but now they're like significant meaningful games head to head games against it was always they play the flames. The kings last year they finished obviously edmonson shortened season. but like. They haven't had these. Come down the stretch and play these big head to head who you're competing against for the division title. So that's.

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