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Of course, you had something like, you know, the the Colgate comedy hour where you had one one product one brand sponsor an entire to television program. Now, of course, back then they would Colgate would go to CBS, and they would say, please we're going to pay you this money going make me comedy album. And that's what CBS would do. Now. We've got to the point where technology has allowed Colgate. Or in this case lush to think, well, we don't need the broadcaster. Let's just created her selves. We'll pay someone to make us offense. He website. We'll call it a streaming platform. You can watch it Veyron app on your phone and all of a sudden, look just like vice news, but with soap, so you can visit us on the street, and then you can watch us at home when not just a soap brand anymore. When now a lot style company. That's what we're seeing that that's a glimpse into the frightening future. I'm surprised this hasn't happened. More often this idea Georgina. Of of companies wanting to project their values as well as the thing may actually make and I I guess this seems a logical extension of the fuss. That was created the other week by that Gillette commercial the the idea that instead of making commercials that project what you think of as your your brand's values, you make actual news documentaries and films. That's the lady, and I see this happening, more and more. I mean, just just on the subject of lush. This isn't there for the first time they've branched out. They have a book club to and in fact, I think that the inaugural book in this was a book about the life story of the co founder Mark Constantine called the road to Pelindaba. It was and it was written by his best friend. But it's kind of a long story trying to find his father, and they say they have definitely tried to to kind of jump on this. This whole media thing to do it with books now to do it with with with streaming and so on, and obviously I think people are going to try and own the message as much as they possibly can. I think that's probably the way forward. But but like Instagram or influences who have hashtag. I think it's really important that we need that. We know this that we're not watching a piece of entertainment and thinking that that's all it is that we realize that this is up sedately associated to a Brown. And incidentally, CARA has very very nice hair. And she says, that's absolutely Dont'a lush. But but does bring us to the end of today show, Georgina Godwin, CARA Remillard, and Ben Ryland? Thank you all for joining us out Madari house. The show was produced by Augustine much lari research by financial Augusta Pacheco and may Lynn Evans stadium manager was Kenya skull it music next nineteen hundred it's the menu with Marcus hippie. There's more on the day's main stories on the daily at twenty two hundred be your host for that as well. Midori house for turns on Monday at eighteen hundred London time Andrew mullet. Thanks very much for listening..

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