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This is not a joke. Oh, You know what the joint Chiefs told us. The greatest threat facing America was. What is it? Global warming? Oh, well, I thought it was white supremacy. I don't know. Right now. The greatest threat to the United States is that joker That stumbled and bumbled his way into the Oval Office. Wayne in Dallas waiting. How are you? Yeah, very good, Rick. And thanks for bringing up the subject, and I do agree. We have a multitude of problems, but I've kind of narrow it down. For today. It leased to one A and one B. And, like you said, this constant talk of white supremacy being like I see it being a racial divide, and what I think he's doing is drip by drip. You know, with all this white male supremacy stuff he's conditioning everybody for the day. When he does an executive order for reparations because all your low information voters are going to say Oh, yeah, yeah, That's what I've been hearing about all year and I agree with the president. We need to have reparations. Now that brat blacks have been oppressed for all these years, you know? Well, Wayne. That's why I called this the reparation generation. Um, because whether it's right wrong or indifferent. Um, you know what was in two weeks ago Name? No. Wasn't that long ago? Biden used blacks in TV commercials as a barometer for whether racism exists and whether we're coming out of racism. I'm sorry. That's the dumbest damn thing I've ever heard in my life. Um, well, you don't measure racism. How many blacks are on TV selling soap? Exactly exactly and again. If I go to one, my one be here is this the Covid scam, and Tucker Carlson laid it all out last night where, he said thousands of people have died from this shot over the last few months, and there's been a spike in mile card itis, which is hard inflammation of many young people getting this, So just think of all those stress on families and Extra medical bills and everything just from the shot. We still don't know. You know what it has not been authorized by the F D A. And I do want to thank Governor Abbott for signing the bill to stop passports here in Texas because there's no way a private company should be able to step in my constitutional rights by requiring passports. Yeah, well, I'm glad you brought that up. You know, I've been asked by Hundreds of people. Rick, Have you received the vaccination shot? No, I haven't. Um and probably won't. Um And they said, Oh, my God. Why? How can you you know you turn on TV turned on the radio pick up printed material. People on the street holding signs. Everybody's saying Get your shot. Get your shot. They're giving away money and sporting tickets and beer. And in some cases, marijuana. I'm not making that up. Um, for people to get vaccinated. Well, I just went through a pretty intensive. Invasive surgery. And, you know, I'm I got meds I take every day and for the very region you just mentioned, um the heart inflammation. Um No, I've heard other doctors say the same thing. What? You know if I'm if I'm still on this side of the grass after everything I went through, Why would I take a chance on an experimental vaccine? Now, if you're in relatively good health and your immune systems where it should be, you know you do what you want to do. But no, I don't think I don't think vaccine passports are the way to go. Definitely agree, Rick and they should tell you Also about only half of all the employees of CDC, NIH. You're taking the shot. That should tell you everything you need to know. Wine. Very good call. Thank you, sir. Have a great weekend. Nesa. I think I'm saying that right? Is that correct? Anissa? Yeah. I'm sorry. Say again. Anisa, Anisa. Thank you. Yeah. Can you hear me again? I've got you find Anisa. Okay, Um Listen every day and I'm glad you're back. And I'm glad you're well and I wish I could quit smoking all of those. Love you. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much. I called you because I was out on a 20. I heard you talking about the lady that was fussing about. They promised us this until this long and, uh, not going back to work and people being lazy and that's fine. And and some of that's truth, Okay? I'm a gig worker. I'm adored Asher. When all of this stuff went down, everything closed. I was home for much. Okay with my daughter to my sons went out of work. They live at home it we're in a two bedroom house. Uh, My point. Is they the government given Y s B a loans, Small business loans, paycheck, protection of islands. Um, the unemployment with the stimulus or the benefit of the extra whatever. They were throwing it away, giving it away. Take the money. Take the money. And I was even told I make too much for food stamps, you know, sitting at home. Anyway, I do draw a widow Social security, but it's only $700 a month. But my point being is, uh, I started back to work when the restaurants started opening up and everybody had their personal protection year. Them Ash. There's hand sanitizer everything. You know, started back to work. I started back to work. I reported my income to these people. Now there was zero job searches on the twc. You weren't required to make any job searches, but I still went out and I went to work as much as I could every day. And, uh, are reported the income that I was making. Which was like under half of Have a good day. Anyway, my point being, uh, two weeks ago, Not even two weeks ago. Now I receive a letter from the T. W C that they have overpaid me to the amount of $3000 You know, when you're on food stamps, you have to report your income. When you're on the twc. You have to report your income Now they're coming to collect it back. What they gave out what they said. Take it. Take it. Sign up for it. Do it. Whatever you know. Now I'm in. I'm in the hole for three. Your hands. They're going to do this. Two more people know, Of course, you can do a lot more people. The idea and good calling this, uh, a misa, I think is how you pronounce it. That's a good call because it's it shows exactly what the government intended to do. The government government intended and intends today to make as many people dependent on government is absolutely possible. And you know, the only way that government can increase in size and scope is what By having more people dependent on it. The more people that depend on you than the larger you become. The more powerful you become. And in your particular case, um I would get there plenty attorneys out there that will talk to your pro bono won't cost you anything. Um, I would get a hold of one tomorrow. Absolutely tomorrow and say Look, this is my dilemma. And, you know, Anissa, you call me back and let me know how that search for an attorney goes for you. And if nothing else, I'll direct you to Have toward a guy that may be able to help you a little bit. So you can put her on hold and tell her to give us a call back. First of all, Inessa, find yourself an attorney that will work pro bono. Don't be embarrassed about that. Just call them up and saying Hey, You know, I need somebody that can help me pro bono. And here's my situation. Let me know how that works for you. And if you don't get anywhere, you call me back. I'll try to get going in the right direction. Because something I despise more than anything else is when government, um reaches out and and works at making us dependent on them, And that's a good example. What she's going through. I'm Rick Roberts News talking 20. W B a pig..

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