Valentine, Limbaugh discussed on Memphis Morning News


Grove road the traffic your for today we've got rain on the way high temperature is going to be in the mid sixties then for tonight that low temperatures going to be dropping down into the mid forties for tomorrow we've got thunder showers a high in the mid fifties cloudy rain should be tapering off behind the low forties Friday partly cloudy hi low fifties Saturday mostly cloudy high in the upper forties and sunny and what's like mid fifties coming up for Sunday right down sixty two degrees a little bit of scattered shower activity out there your men this morning news time is six oh six we're done still looking for Valentine's day gift to her totally diamond heart pendant in your choice of yellow white or rose gold now only two ninety nine ninety nine at Helzberg diamonds that's a four hundred dollar savings and that's how you bring home a W. R. let's do this this morning news six of six happy Tuesday boys and girls how about that sixty sixty two degrees outside those apps mantle yeah good weather low temperature wise anyway thank you for joining us I'm so excited to be are you see ninety two point one FM great to have you here yeah yeah yeah now question for you guys to do here the news yesterday or did you listen to the end of the Rush Limbaugh program.

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