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Or wherever you get your podcasts. Time. Now, for Steve's favorite segments called ask the C. L. The CLO- which stands for chief love officer. Steve Harvey are you ready, sir. Right this one's from Charlotte, in Dallas Texas. Charlotte says for the past four months I've been seeing a guy that lives an hour away from me. We see each other twice a month I've been to his house and he's been to mind. He claims to work a lot of hours as a dispatcher and when he's not working, he is resting I've hinted that I want to see him more because we are only an hour apart he says there's just not enough hours in the day. Is it too soon in our relationship for me to expect more of an effort from him or will improve he's interested from Jaap Clo. Listen to me an hour away and you really feel in somebody that ain't nothing. It may dummy hours in a day when a man won't something it ain't enough. It ain't no hours in the day he came fine. He's not working. He's resting that damn either you met the laziest damn man in the world. That our is just convenient because he got another life. If you're a our way of siege twice a month that's something wrong right there right is just one damn our day. I thought he was married Cielo, but then she says she's been to house and. She'd been a half. Yeah. You've been to apartment. Our way in the same city. Sisley. Zoo in Atlanta, you live for one into of in take out again. Shore. That's ridiculous. That's so ridiculous. All Right Marissa in Columbia south. Carolina. Says, I'm a twenty eight year old woman dating a thirty, two year old man that has a best friend that he calls his little sister. She's my age over the weekend she was in town and he led her stay at his house. I stayed over there too because I never trusted her Saturday morning she was walking around the kitchen with the t shirt and panties on I told her. She should put on some shorts or pants and my boyfriend said, it's no big deal. The girl smirked at me and went to her room. My boyfriend said, he doesn't have any romantic feelings for her. So it's no big deal. Should I trust him? Respectful though. His last sister get it. But his best friend Louis instant. Panties. t-shirt. Edina help. Our to to you lady but. You stayed over there as weird. It's look different relationship whatever your intuition tells you. That's what you should go with. That's all I can say. So. They could just be friends with walk around in Pan. is in, T shirt. Yeah That's crazy. that. She tried to send. You. Yeah exactly. She did the. Telling her to put something on I'm not mad at her for that at all. Hey. Hey You hear you'll draws. I'm you? No no ma'am. Ma'am. And then she smirked at her the other thing to push. Back. smirk me. Hey Donna Andrews plays on TV we in my house and you would do you do some other line with me. Please I ain't got no. Listen don't come to my house talking about political correctness none of that not at my house. I'll tell you what I won't save out here. If you want to. It's my house. and. Yeah. So to answer her question, should I trust him? You're saying trust your own intuition trust your. Ray Him is her. Trust him pants. That's That's why to say his segment. All right. Pather. Steve Harvey Fellow. In Monroe. Louisiana says been married for seven years and I have one child. My husband is a good dad but not a good husband in the past seven years I only get gifts and flowers on my birthday or our anniversary if I mentioned to him that I don't feel loved he tells me I'm fortunate to have a good man that's not out in the streets. He doesn't know that men come at me daily and want to spoil me but I'm faithful to him. It's not about sex but I WANNA connection with my husband I don't want to cheat. So how can I get his attention good one See I understand a man saying look you know you got the flowers and stuff on your birthday and anniversary but you wanna be spoiled in other ways and I can understand that and you have every right to walk that also understand why man say, Hey, look I don't know what's the matter with you. I'm a good man good husband I come home I now many streets I'm handling business I got that but the fact is you want more and you should have more. So you can have your man down. This cannot be done in anger. You're going to have to have a real conversation said honey. This is what I think could make us have a better relationship I could be more tolerant of this if you were this and I would love to know if there's anything about me can change to make you feel better and you gotta had a conversation while you're come, you think you'll listen though because she. Better. You ought to be glad you got a good man in industry. And that's the atypical response to push a little bit hard. To, push a little bit harder. She wants intimacy with her husband won't. You. Won't love. Song. Independent. They've been married seven years, seven years they have one child. To Push Harder Steve Yeah, you're saying push hard and do it I mean look you gotta you gotTa had conversation. It's only way to do it. You gotTA breach compensation. You bring up. He told you that you went on down. Yeah. All, right. Okay. All right. Well, thank you. As always for your wisdom. Now, coming up next the nephew is here to run that prank back right after this. You're listening to. Morning Show. Dear Young Walker season two is a raw honest, strange and entertaining story about finding yourself in your early twenties and a lifelong relationship with music. It's hosted by me Chelsea arson and is executive produced by Jake Brennan of Graceland. Dear Young rocker comes to you from double elvis, productions and iheartradio. 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