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Yeah and so we all know that you know ricky is a the world's greatest expert basically exclusively on what's that one michael mann movie heat cafe bush nello cafe for still a friend in offi pre ground cuban coffee yeah but it's delicious by the way the company we've still got to have sun they really should spots and it's a futile package say all the packages in the supermarket cafe was tells one of my favorites the bright color how would you compare it to chock full o' nuts better way better no offense i went to cafe gustilo pop up in new york wow and it was wonderful sounds great but in addition to ricky carmona who folks no from jordan jesse go april wolf and alonso giraldo who are the other regular coz of that show are so funny passionate and insightful about on the subject of film they're just really really brilliant we actually know alonso from when we had that failed television program yeah he was also a contributor to that show and i always thought like man this guy is so cool and funny and great like we should do something with him sometime and we finally had the chance to do it this year when we created who shot ya and i think that there are there's a lot of film podcasts that are it's just say three straight white dudes in new york with that nicholas cage fares one of them.

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