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About management for protect prevention. You'd never talked about other variables multiple attackers entering when you're in the middle of a graphite possible digitally practice exclusively without those considerations. But it's also possible district to be practiced with does consideration so for us. We understand that beginners. Who come into jitsu when you say you want to practice fort to grab the learn these points and do these things. There's a disconnect immediately. They say wait a minute and all. I heard about how the best thing for street fighting. But yet i've been training for seven months and not once. Has someone mentioned to me what we do in the fight begins in someone spits on my wife and i have to speak to this. Man assert myself manage the distance enclosed. It isn't against the striking opponent when we learned that so the problem is in mosul. Let's say ninety. Five plus was around the country gets you. It's never address let alone in the first twelve months when someone needed the most. So what we've done is crafted our entire curriculum. Beginner to advance but kraft i eight to twelve. Months is one hundred percent dedicated to the eventualities of a street fight. So that someone who's coming in goes well. This makes perfect sense. This headlock makes perfect sense. This mountain punching taught me. How do i thank you for showing me that today so every single classroom. There's a sense of gratification. That they learn solution to a problem that resonates with them versus learning suite to an opponent is trying to pass their guard with another sports techniques. They're trying to have trouble placing in their lives. So the first thing is connection to the immediate and reality of what. They're learning what they're learning on day. One does it resonate. They won't come for day to and if they're kind for day to doesn't resonate. they won. They go this is needed. Make sense and so ninety percent of people fall short for six months. Because i think it's it's true ego too much. I'm gonna you're gonna you're gonna get beat up your the grappling with the more advanced students. But it's also they're not connecting with the topic of discussion and they're having trouble placing. Why get what you just taught us but then one. Where's the spit into a whole fight. So that's what we teach. Listen the curriculum. One hundred percent self defense for beginners and beginners aren't sparring right to have someone come in with two weeks of experience learned floor moves and now grown man like ryan. Go fight that grown man. Michael who's twenty your two hundred twenty ryan. You look pretty athletic. Got a beard. Go fight back over there. Who's to twenty and you guys gonna do what happened and you're going to go the closest they pose what is far and the coach. You look back at you and say just don't tap and it's funny. You said that that was my very first training session. I went in there and he said i'm going to pitch up against this guy. The guy was probably a buck. Seventy and i'm like okay. I'm like well. What do i do. And he's like just try not to get submitted. I'm like i don't even know what that means. And the guy had in a triangle. Like this i know. So here's what happened in that situation. The coach did that to kinda prove to you. That your piece of trash that you are. You need your because you felt when you were done you were like wow that sought but that. But here's the point. You're the three to five percents ryan you the rare. Who when you get neilly like that. You want to learn that the rest of the world. They already believe jujitsu is the way. Listen to joe rogan. Listen to ryan michler. Listen to any podcast about someone who doesn't jew and watching the ufc any weekend. Anything do the most popular fastest during the world. So it's already been so you don't have to beat up the new student for them to feel like they need to learn from you. So the point is this idea of of basically submitting you into wanting to learn the art. It was the old gracie way gracie beat up all of that. You have the you have c. Was was conceived right in that spirit of every other martial art socks. Where'd you jitsu. Let's prove everything wrong. I get that but now that everyone who comes future says man on alert you to because i already saw that it proves the world's best martial art we don't have to beat them up and the problem is by doing what they did to you. Ninety plus percent are going to go. Oh my god i was. I subjected to the island came for empowerment and confidence. But yet i was subjected to the most disempowering and confidence eliminating experience of my life but there was no empowerment there. I don't feel better than i did. Yesterday i feel embarrassed. And i feel useless. But that's about it in that. School is full of those trump's who are going to be smaller than be beating me up because they can. How long don't i want to subject myself to this. So the point is it so common sense. But i'm shocked there. Rv jj schools back even survive beyond the first six months of opening the and the only reason why 'cause there's enough ryan's who say i don't care how much pain i go through if i have to just learn i've been subjected to but you had that you are the exception so crazy so the point is they don't know how to do it other way. They learned that they were. If you open the school tomorrow you will just do what you did to you. You just knew what was done to you right now. And that's how you learned. That's how you learn so you don't know there is another way so the point. Is those schools out there exist. Because there's enough ryan's and their thought is this if we attract the more athletic more powerful or capable students in our student base than we can send them to go do competitions and if they win to hold their medal at our school and like stay of the top of the podium as our school one because we got the most athletic talented so this process of elimination isn't not only. Is it natural because the stronger are going to beat the weekend. You're going to quit because they wanna be there. But it's somewhat allowed and encouraged by the school because that means that the ones who are left are more likely to go with metals for the school which ultimately the owner thinks that that's gonna make them more successful not realizing that having your win. More medals will only get you so far because the only people who see ryan with his metal are the other people who are winning medals who are already their own schools. Sure your fishing in a where every fish is already married to someone else so my point is if you wanna fish in the pond of ninety seven or ninety nine point nine nine percent of people who have never done your jitsu and the ninety five plus percent of people who aren't atlantic or capable enough or feel empowered enough to go in there and get beat up for a year before they decided they want to stick with it. If you wanna fish in the remaining part of ninety five percent of normal humans you have to create an environment that empowers encourages. Builds stimulates rewards grow grow and then somewhere down the line several months after they learn the foundation of jitsu and they feel confident in a self defense situation. They have all kinds of friendships right. You have all these friends in commodity in the jolting and all that is done then you start to introduce gradually the that salary the challenging reality is you to which is someone's gonna beat you you're gonna learn from it and you're going to get better. That's kinda how this works for the long haul. So you know what's interesting about this. I think one of the concerns people might have about the system that you're addressing. Is that if you were to take a guy. That's let's just say off the streets. Neither of them have experienced. You've got two guys and and they've opened training for. Let's say four to six months.

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