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Every so often hence all you'll see in the pixel yeah but you know it's mostly samsung an iphone and i wonder then you know if these companies even have shot like if they have you know a snowball's chance in hell actually getting out and becoming big brands in the us and i honestly don't i think the way that chummy does it and we echo wants to do it but has appealed execute yeah it that might be the way to to enter in we owe hey we have smartphones but also we have you know these setup boxes we had these fitness trackers we have these other devices and then maybe they can become big names in the us but it's it's really interesting to see how they're going to try to navigate that especially since like i said it's totally saturated now i mean nobody things but he's an i did this article just because i i want people to know that there's other options out there that don't cost you know eight hundred dollars rattling riot at the founder 600 hundred know four hundred to six hundred dollars i mean and then the forgetting one with a beggar screen it could be close to eight hundred dollars costly for not getting the base storage and the thing but but but for the most part i mean they're they're still relatively chief compared to what apple and samsung chaozhou on on the on the whole like the one plus five i think is like less than five hundred dollars stole which is free you know is obviously more expensive than their first generation model but when you think about it and you know an iphone seven i think the small model is like six fifty or something like that it's crazy that's almost two hundred dollars cheaper yeah i mean a a would would have on the phones we got a was forty percent cheaper than the the iphone seven india and came more.

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