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To go from the to Alan motions left to right. That'll be versus direct can Grady under center against the Birkat runs left. For Super Bowl fifty. Big time media availibility ability today with the patriots. I don't know how many the patriots and the Rams have done so far. But what did you learn Bob? I learned that Joe Tony in his third straight Super Bowl. Of course about to become the first player to start the Super Bowl each of his first three seasons is very fluent in Spanish because in the midst of all the questions that were coming at from both sides from New England reporters and national reporters. Hey, got a flurry of questions from internationals showed off his dexterity in languages, not only fluent in English. But outstanding very bright guy fluent in Spanish as well. That's cool. And how crazy was the Tom Brady circus in his ninth Super Bowl. Well, it was too crazy for me to even get close to Davy. We were talking off air when I showed up at the hotel where the availability was being held. There were cameras tripods set up a good two hours beforehand. Same with the last night. Of course, everybody had their cameras ready to go their microphones perched waiting for Jared Goff. Tom brady. Podium on opening night. And the same story today. It'll be the same when they meet with press again tomorrow that voice, you know, is Bob soci- play by play for the patriots radio network. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on radio row and CBS sports radio. This was a really impressive coaching job by Bill Belichick, and it sounds funny to say right because when is he not impressive, but this team had a transformation? So you saw them weakened weak out in what areas did you see the most growth a major grows to the point at which they are now in another Super Bowl. Yeah. It's a great question because in pockets of the season you saw some growth here in some growth there. I think the defense for example, there was steady improvement for them with an occasional hiccup. They gave up a lot of yards in Miami got gashed on the ground in that game. Give up a lot of points in the first half. And then of course, they have the breakdown of the final seven seconds to lose that game. But then the following week, although they were gashed in the run game by Pittsburgh terrific job on Smith, Schuster and Antonio Brown and held the Steelers. To seventeen points. They come away from that game with a loss. But unless you see the defense trending in the right direction offense without Julian autumn of the first four games of the season and really limited in terms of their weapons before they really developed a running game. They were hamstrung in the first quarter of the season. They started to hit their stride around the midpoint of the season. And then they regressed again held a ten points in that Pittsburgh game. And then all of a sudden in week sixteen and seventeen you saw them become dominant. Wanting the football against the bills week seventeen. We saw better movement from Brady and adamant in gronkowski signs of them. Recapturing what we became accustomed to throughout their careers up until the inefficiencies and inconsistencies this year. And then to the playoffs they've all come together. So I think it's really been over. The course of the last two to four games where we have seen this team really start that climb. Ascending the way usually see patriots teams do month-to-month. Usually patriots teams are a lot better. Not tober. In September a lot better November. But this team they got better in some ways. And then they regressed in other ways it was an interesting season. And I think that's why so many people raise doubts and legitimate questions about whether this team could get to this point a lot of things that are impressive about the AFC championship. And even going back to the chargers game, which was dominant of course, scoring on their first four possessions. Be amazing. But the thing that I cannot get over from the AFC championship. Is that Tom Brady got hit? Once no sacks. But only one official quarterback hit and you mentioned the run game. But that's also part of the old line in that atmosphere where it's so unbelievably loud, it's chaotic that whole line played almost perfectly. They really did. I mean, the word that I've used his nearly impeccable. These first two playoff games, you consider Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa with the chargers, and then you go against Houston Ford and Jones across the front for Kansas City. And he's you touched on in that environment. And you think back to two thousand and sixteen January sixteen with the patriots had to go to Denver play the Broncos on the AFC championship. And then offensive line was overwhelming problems with the snap count. The Broncos von Miller and company. Stab count the crowd, of course, at their favor and Brady was under pressure from the get-go and never really recovered though. The patriots still somehow some way came within a two point conversion of tying it in the final seconds. If Kansas City at different story, the offense fired off the ball the run game and the offensive line was able to protect Brady throughout. So I can't say enough about them. They're getting their do it seems this postseason. They have their work cut out for them as we know on Sunday because they're probably going up against the biggest challenge. They have faced to date considering what LA has inside the edges. The edges open air press box in Kansas City, were you able to hear it or or is that not how you do it? We typically do in regardless of where we are. When recalling a game, we prefer the windows open. However, Kansas City is one of two stadiums. In the NFL for my experience the windows now do not open Miami renovated. It's press box. And they put us on the corner of the end zone and the windows. Don't open. It is really strange. It's like calling a game on TV living. Yes, exactly. In Kansas City's Arrowhead stadium is phenomenal Wade atmosphere. They've done a beautiful job of the renovations are preserving the history. That franchise. It's great hall of fame. If you're someone appreciates football history to take a tour of that facility. It's outstanding. But one pet peeve has been you go there to call a game and the windows don't open, but I have to say that this last time we were a little more forgiving considering how cold it was in Kansas City. We're your glasses water bottle shaking because that's what I heard from a lot of people on on media in press row. Media availability. It's a lot like an SEC atmosphere or great college atmosphere, Clemson being in death valley before having experienced that and talking to some of the players, they likened it to what they faced in the southeastern conference going to Auburn, go to Georgia, etc. But it's it's also cool too. Because a lot of stadiums. Go to there are pockets of the other teams fans the visitors fans, especially with the patriots to places you don't generally see that door, Pittsburgh indefinitely Kansas City, and that crowd was clad in red route out there early. I heard about five AM people started showing up to tailgate, and I know it wasn't wasn't the Arctic blast fantastic. But it was still freezing. I don't know how they did it. And obviously it was a disappointing end for them. But they'll have franchises in a good place with obviously a transcendent young quarterback. Patriots play by play voice. Bob see here with us on radio after hours CBS sports radio when I do play by play. My brain is processing first, and then it comes out your mouth. Yes. That's the kind of the one thing when d- Ford's gets called for the offsides penalty. But you see the interception. You call the interception first. And then you realize there's a flag what's going on in your brain. That's playing out because that literally could have been the game preserver for the cheap. All you think the game is over. No question about it. Especially on top of what had just happened with Jillian Ataman had a Pasco through his hands. That was intercepted enabling Kansas City to take the lead. And you know, there are two things about that play before ever seeing the flag was the apparent interception initially. But then when the ball caromed out of bounds wanting to make sure that it was complete and it was a pick. And so your eyes were really fixed is the play by play guy. Looking down. It's a very high perch Kansas City. So you're looking almost straight down at the near sideline to make sure that it is an interception, and your voice reflects the emotion in that moment. And then I looked up and across the way at the fifty yard line. Saw the flag my partners, Scott Zolak. And I think initially both felt that could be on the patriots. And when lake lakeland gave the signal, and then, of course, announced to the crowd that. Sides complete one offsides on any other snap. But the one in which there's an interception. That's tough. What's this been like for you? I'll just even as I asked the question sorry for play by play person myself that this is the kind of stuff you live for right? The championships the playoff games so for you. So is this your fifth seasons? This is my sixth. Okay. So it's a little bit off. But what does been like for you now three consecutive Super Bowls and just an incredible ride hard to put into words. And that's what I'm supposed to do. Right. But the experience really is as a player told me last night. It's indescribable to think of the good fortune that I have I seen some of my colleagues here play by play or terrific what they do and have been in the league a lot longer than I have. And they haven't had this opportunity that I'm going to enjoy try to appreciate as I should for the fourth time in five years. I'm just lucky enough number one to be hired for the job. Just calling games in the NFL as someone who gets as excited about preseason games. As I do about postseason, frankly, just the preparation and the opportunity I spent twenty plus years riding buses in the minor leagues. Spent a lot of years calling college basketball and college football and places like North Texas or the patriot league. And I and I love those experiences in love the people that I covered in those conferences, but to be here at the pinnacle of America's most popular sport, one of the greatest sporting events in the world along with the world company Olympics in the Super Bowl is right there again, I it's hard to fathom to do it four times in five years. I know my first experience someone from one of the national networks pulled me aside. And he said, look, we'll give you a piece of advice. I get to do this every year, but you may never get back to this game. So just try to appreciate back. Get back out of this. Right. He's ryan. And I tried to take that advice still to sheet every second enjoy every moment of it. Because chances are that you don't get to a second or third much less afford, Bob. So is the play by play voice of the patriots.

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