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Back out tonight in pittsburgh against the pirates way miley against another left he dylan peters for pittsburgh. Cincinnati comes into play tonight with a half game lead over the padres and the cardinals in the hunt for the nfl's final wildcard spot. Padres hook up again with the giants and anthony fani tonight. Cardinals and mets again phillies opening up a series against the chicago cubs. By the way the luke phil radio show will be tonight at eight. Oh five on. Espn fifteen thirty. You'll hear from ucla head coach coming up at four twenty. Cincinnati getting set to play indiana on saturday afternoon. You wrote extensively about the play and the the payoff of the investment in the defensive line and it kind of gets lost in the shuffle. Which is why. I'm glad you wrote about it. Because that unit it wasn't just one guy it wasn't just the two guys who got the most snaps pretty much everybody especially on the inside who played a significant number of snaps contributed in some way that you don't was fantastic. Yeah and it wasn't. I think what you point. What you said is right. I mean it wasn't that it was out. Dj reader looked great or their yoga. Jobe looked great or wow. Bj hill just got here. And he's or josh to. Bo is really getting at all of them and together really fed into this thing that just wrecked the game. Absolutely the game. Here's a few things of that for that. I kind of have story last year. I mean nobody that filed the seem doesn't need to be told us again but they got nothing from their defensive. Tackle position as far as pass rush. They had all of last year from anybody with a defensive tackle tag attached to their name they got three sacks and thirty four total pressures on the course of the whole season on sunday. They got three sacks and seven pressures from anybody with defensive tackle attached to their name already equals in sacks they and that's really under selling their impact because they also drew five holding penalties on pass rush that dramatically changed the course of the game and a six that got called back also a fourth sack that got called back alirio jobe callback bio apple defensive holding and last year they had fifteen drawn holding calls five in week one this week. I mean you're talking about equaling almost. All of last year's totals getting within range of that immediately. It is the exact opposite end of the spectrum. You know when you think about where they came from and the problem with last year's defense i it is the ultimate weakness to strength story and they invested in oregon jobe. They got reader back who they previously invested in you know. They traded away. Billy price the depth that he provides for bj hill all these things. And that's not even counting the draft investment that. They're not really even seeing trey hendrickson. Obviously extension for hubbard. All of this was in the idea of changing the game front and so that when they do face teams particularly those with questionable offensive lines of which there are many across the league by the way including the team. They're playing this week. They can rack it and they can change the way things go and they did that and there. And if you look at this jacksonville going to be the same way in a few weeks pittsburgh. It's at least the weakness on their team as they got new guys. It has a chance to be dominant storyline of why this team gets real momentum at the early part of this season and you can see that now after watching them play on sunday. I mean that was. That was real. That was some old school like mike. Ironically mike zimmer defense type stuff. It's just interesting that the year after they say goodbye to gino atkins the defensive line showed that it has the potential to be special and the year after they say goodbye to aj green..

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