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Social. Tulsa! I'm good I'm good. She's amazing to say. Well as of right now I mean like we're doing a couple of renovations in my shop to kind of. Make, it a little bit more. COVID friendly. So what? What are they making the Fars like we haven't got. Him where haven't gotten shit? We don't. We don't know what the Hell is going on. They haven't even like like we're. We're literally like the red headed stepchild. Miller requiring to do to come in the shop and stuff so basically we're going to be unfortunately mass policy. I want to I, want to have an I'm putting in installing sneeze guards between the stations and I'm going to be I've got Anti. Microbial curtains that I'm going to be putting in each one to make each one. Its own microbiome and each one is going to have a UV. Air Purifier. That's going to be able to sterilize that individuals as sir going all out. Yes, so then like if you're getting tattooed in like you don't WanNa, wear the mask, or or whatever then you can just point your point your face to the to the air purifier. For me it. It really depends on like the area of that. You're getting tattooed. If you're going to be all up in somebody's face, I really think you should wear a mask. Yeah I can. I can get on board with that I I. Was I was? Amass cater I'm I still am I still fucking hate it, but you know. I finally had to sit back and realize it's not me. It's I got to protect other people so when I go in in somewhere I'll wear to fucking thing, but just like right now. We're we have been around each other well also distancing for about like six feet away from me so good. You know what I'm saying and personally. I can't wear for too damn long because I smoke eight hundred cigarettes a day and I cannot fucking breathing thing my own carbon dioxide that much I can't just add to it my. Excuse me cry, I still smoke, too. But I quit a long time ago. I'm disappointed in you. Mr Eight hundred cigarettes as disappointed in her look, look at me, judging me. Can't judge any. Know, it's actually kind of funny so. I. Found out, I was pregnant, and I started to try and back, and whatever I got I got down to about three cigarettes a week, and then I had some family. Drama stress. Yeah, so I, I kinda I kinda started smoking again in in I'm like what am I doing because I feel really really bad like what am I doing this like? I'm pregnant. So I I went and I looked at all these studies, so all the studies in America are in low income areas, and the people have co Morbidity Co morbidity basically so like if they're doing a smoking study on pregnant women, those people are usually taking other things, so the birth defects are always going to be higher in those studies. They're also a much lower percentage and each one of those groups study, so it's one hundred, two hundred and fifty people. There's this one study over in Australia. That studied fifteen hundred women five hundred, no smoking at all five hundred smoking halfway through five hundred spoke in the entire way through, and they decided. To to just basically. Like these are the statistics, so it's five hundred, five, hundred five hundred fifteen people in the entire study in the five hundred women that did everything perfectly. No Smoking like everything super healthy is still a two point. Five percent chance that something was going to be messed up with their kid. For the women who smoked all the way through, it was two point nine. so there was a point four difference and the the two major things in that city that they found because the women were only smoking. They weren't doing anything else. No other drugs or whatever it was that the children would be either underweight or premature. Well neither of those things was Libya fat yeah. Head got stuck you. Know. seriously. CL- damn claws live to. My my hips wouldn't spread. I don't know I was I was in Labor fucking twelve hours or so hard labor for three motherfucker now three motherfucking hours contracts. There's like a minute or less. I've never been in that much pain in my entire life and had an effort, earl. Happily into. That I was like fuck. They should daryl calm. It didn't really work. And I only got it probably because you're already halfway through. True that true that but I mean like I. Got Her head out to about her ears and she entered sheiks got stuck holy. So. Huge? Quagmire, cheeks. Booming back for C. Section like the doctor came in like three hours into this and I'm pushing on pushing my damndest online reading the face I look at tomato. I've made us out at this point, and like I just sort of mother. fucking. This nurse because I was like. And? She's like honey. Be Quiet, you are not you don't know me. I'm not even being loud right now. I can imagine oh by God. I have made all empty. Don't tell me you don't tell me. I was like I can scream all of mother fucking. The doctor came in and whatever it is like what's going on in here and. gloved up, check me out fuck. It was like this like okay, and he takes his gloves off and just like kind of like often goes. You're having a C. section and just deadpan walks out like. Okay, yes, yes, please help, help me now. Yeah, so that was that was interesting, so I got I gotta have a kind of little. Blue Bush's she. She was kind of born both ways. Yeah, which means I had a hell of time recover. That was fun. Yeah, we won't even go there. I don't WanNa about that. Hemorrhoids were amazing. Thanks for sure. Tell us all about that. Filter it is it is it? Is Go ahead. Rob Wasn't about your heroes fucking laid out. There literally. Gaden! Experience that's. To.

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