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Sure enough john's right. Tom scott makes cuts and when his employees and pittsburgh have already been dealing with the economic downturn still places eighteen seventy three and other countries in years. Well hit a breaking point in july. We get the great railroad strike. Eighteen seventy seven. I detail the strike to you in the open episode. Ninety one train men refuse to let good ship and national guard is called in confusion rings. Some shots are fired. Civilians children die in the people respond by putting the flame. Pennsylvania's property ultimately destroying thirty nine company buildings one hundred four engines in over two thousand train cars across three miles. And now you know that one of the layers behind the cuts that led to this strike and the forty deaths. That followed was. Tom scott's power struggle against john. Rockefeller and john now. He controls all shipping on all the railroads and his any fan of monopoly. Board game knows that's always a winning strategy by the end of the eighteen seventies. john controls over ninety percent of oil production in the us and he can transport it at any reasonable rate. He wants basically he's a king but like the once untouchable cornelius vanderbilt. John d. rockefeller will yet find. There's someone who can quite literally give him a run for his money. Ironically enough that challenge will come from the men t of his vanquished foe. Tom scott a scottish immigrant by the name of andrew canadian but to appreciate his rise needed. Dial back the clock one more time. Here we go rewind you hear that. That's the sound of my sleep number. Three sixty smart bed adjusting into more of a lounge chair position. So i can read in ridiculous comfort while in bed. And that's not all it can do. This a different precept position for watching tv relaxing or sleeping in zero g and of course we have partner snore. 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Eighteen fifty nine in altoona pennsylvania. While we know. Tom scott will get crushed in later years. Going toe to toe with. John rockefeller today. He still an up and coming employee of the pennsylvania railroad. he's just returned home from philadelphia where his interview. With the pennsylvania's president j edgar thomson resulted in a promotion. Indeed thomas moving up from a railroad general superintendent to vice president this does mean however. The sideburn wearing thick haired. Tom has to move to philadelphia. That leaves a lingering question. What will happen to andy. Carnegie born the son of a struggling handloom weaver and scotland. Andrew carnegie or andy to those close to him immigrated with his penniless family to pittsburgh back in eighteen forty eight when he was twelve years old. It was so broke and he had to get right to work but he quickly moved up from his father's world of textiles into the telegraph game. He excelled here so much. So that when. Tom scott decided he needed his own telegraph and assistant in eighteen fifty three. He offered the gig to the fair featured. Strong job seventeen year. Andy proved more than capable in the years. The followed in fact one time. When tom wasn't around and things got hectic andy even took it upon himself to issue orders in his boss's name in short andrew carnegie has more than shown his worth in after six years of working together. It'll be a real shame for tom. To part with his right hand man in understandably andy's quite nervous what will happen to him and his career if his mentor. Tom has to philly well. Tom's invited young scotsman over to talk about that very thing. Now a barrel chested barely over five foot tall twenty-four-year-old and enters and takes a seat across from tom in the latter's home. Tom tells him about his interview and impending promotion. That will require moving to philadelphia. There will be other changes to tom. Explains that mr. Ethnic lewis will be promoted to replace him. General superintendent of the railroad here. Now tuna andy realizes. His future is up in the air. You listened eagerly as tom continues now about yourself. Do you think you could manage the pittsburgh division. Is he kidding. Pittsburgh is a major division of the railroad. A boomtown with plenty of business. That was tom's job. When the two i met some pretty big shoes to fill. Then andy answers. I think icon. Well mr potts's is to be promoted to the transportation department in philadelphia. And i recommended you to the president as his successor. He agreed to give you a trial. What salary do you think you should have salary. What do i care for salary. I do not want. The salary i walked position is going to go back to the pittsburgh division in your former place you can make my salary just what you please any not. Give me any more than what. I'm getting now. You know. I received fifteen hundred dollars a year. When i was there. Mr potts is receiving eighteen. Hundred i think it would be right to start you at fifteen hundred dollars and after a while if you succeed you'll get the eighteen hundred. Would that be satisfactory. Oh it will. Tom just doubled andy salary. On december first. Eighteen fifty nine young scotsman is officially appointed superintendent of the pennsylvania. Railroad's pittsburgh division not bad for an immigrant whose family has struggled at the bottom of increasingly industrialized textile economy bands. Not done yet. In fact he's just getting started. Unbeknownst to andy his move to pittsburgh is going to put him in exactly the right place.

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