Democrat Party, Charlottesville, Ku Klux Klan discussed on The Renegade Republican with Dan Bongino - Ep. 529 Popping the Media Bubble


Why would hack randi weingarten wire disgrace the humankind why would randi weingarten lie well she does what liberals always do because she wants you to believe that a fringe position that poor black kids and hispanic kids should be kept than struggling schools because it benefits union membership she wants you to believe that that position is accepted by the majority of americans despite the fact that most black americans support school choice so what does she do if you object to that position joe your way earth a house owed to our good friend mark god rest the soul who used to say that all the time much better than i did of course you're a racist she doesn't have anything else she doesn't have anything else to support a fringe position other than making you believe that the people who support the mainstream position of school choice are racists that's all she has that's all the entire democrat party has that's all they have they are married to identity politics and trump is not playing the game and it is driving the media insane trump was supposed to accept the confederate statues argument that if you object to take him down you're a racist if you object to school choice you're a racist if you if in charlottesville if you don't acknowledge it republicans are the ku klux klan your racists they think this is the majority of america but it's not it's not the majority of america it's just you in dc that's jets it it is only you when the dc bubble you are the only ones who believe this nobody is buying your p s now.

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