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Good morning and welcome back. You're listening to the Donna and Steve Show on my talk 1071 everything entertainment. Let's talk wouldn't spoons I'm gonna hit this first things that make you know yesterday we were talking about have filthy. Our spoons are we didn't know no one had told us before. When they sew your wooden spoon. They don't say the only way to actually clean. This thing is to boil it. You just wash it with soap and water and go about your life, right? So It turns out like there's a lot of Smuts on the Spohn. And so some professional chefs were, like, Get rid of the wooden spoon. Yeah, because it's so porous that wouldn't so it gets topical stuff off. But over time, although the yucky stuff from all the stuff that your store in just get soaked up into that wooden ladle, Yes. So don did you do the trick I did. It's on my instagram. Donna Dark if you want to see my perfect Okay, So how did jurors turn out? Well, it didn't actually We turn out that dirty mind either. Of course. Emcee was delighted because he got really cocky about how clean is wooden Spoon Wass. He's like That's right. I told you, I'm clean. You know, I'm clean, like a I got it. I got it. You're clean. Well, the original video that we saw had all this all these like oils and discoloration and look like mold. Almost. Yeah, it was pretty gross. I will say I didn't post the video yet because they wanted to end it at Because I did it in real time. Like I did, like, five minutes and I went 10 minutes. So our God say what? You're supposed to do it for 12 boil for 20 right? Oh, I but boiled for five and just soaked it for a total of 20. Ah done. There's hidden stuff in there. You haven't even brought to the surface, you think? Well, the pot. It's like you can't boil it for that long A nice pot. It is a nice way to get this part of your body. By the way we're talking about like a saucepan in the kitchen. Where? Yeah, not marijuana. Okay, There's a little bit coming out of there. So Mine had a smelled more than it. I saw anything. Yes. So all Ah, old post mine, too. So how did you How would you if your smell don't describe whatthe water looked like it actually looked pretty clear to me, You know, So maybe this is much ado about nothing from sometimes these challenges they get floating around. And then it's like, Oh, I tried that that that didn't work or oh, that hack for cutting a pineapple you That doesn't work, right? You know, So maybe it's just like when someone says a movie's really bad I got to find out for myself. That's right or really good for them exactly. So anyway, Donna Dark. You can check it out on Instagram. Yeah, I put a couple of videos up because I tried to edit them together. And I wasn't successful. I'm like, yeah, like abandoning the spoon. After five minutes I gave up right I get it. You're like Steve. A good starter. Love certain things, Meteo. One of my favorite things to do is start things and almost everything. I like more the idea of it, then it Yeah. No. Did your spoon like mine was in a rolling boil. Yes, it was. If you watched the first video, I got my face there. You'll see how much it is boiling. Um Okay, well, Julia Child over here with the rolling boil. She throws 22. Is your local tide rolling boil for five minutes and then? Left it in there because I saw other people that just say Soak it in boiling water. That's what is a rolling boil. Just a sustained Boyle. Yeah, I mean, I just made that up. I don't even know if that's a term from looking it up now sounded really good, Donna. Thank you really did going. I'll post this later. Okay? Yeah, A rolling boil is also known as a roiling boil. Like Royal Boyle is when a liquid is boiled rapidly with lots of bubbling. This requires much more energy than simmering and is often discouraged because it can break up. Or alter the shape of the ingredients were a simmering keeps the ingredients hole. That's interesting, okay? Very good talk, guys. I don't think so. Alright, I'll take it from here. The Atlantic Ocean. Is much saltier than the Pacific Ocean under I I wonder why I won't ask, though. Thank you. This is peculiar about the day that he ledger past the way of saying 2008. Yes, I remember that I was on a treadmill at the gym, but you're looking at the TV and going what that can't be right? The day that he ledger died in 2008. Heath Ledger was the number one term search for on Google, the number two most searched term. Keith Ledger. Ah! Wow. That makes sense. That was a big thing, young man. Yeah, like that. How old was he? He I don't even think he was 30 was like 28. Stop that. Just about Heath Ledger when he passed away. How old was 29 28? Yeah. Oh, my gosh! Isn't that tragic? So you're telling me That when I watched the Dark Knight in 2008 And at the time I was 25. He was three years older than me doing giving that sort of a performance as the Joker messing. Yeah, I hate it when people are younger than me that air very successful like Julian. Like what? I was like, two years younger than me. I know. You. So what is with Keith? They just didn't know They were just people were just missing typing his mic. So there's just a lot of people thought he was Keith Electro..

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