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Who had emerged as the favorites for allen robinson but three years forty two million now in rapport nfl media says roughly twenty five million guaranteed and i think by roughly he means not even close to that how can you guarantee twenty five million for a guy that is coming off a tornado that you can't even give a physical to yet so i i'm i'm curious about what this deal is really going to be worth but on the surfaces fourteen million a year on a three year deal it gets robinson back onto the market while he's still going to be twenty eight years old maybe in his prime maybe coming off of some great performances in chicago with mitchell trubisky and i feel like this is just the start for the bears chris as they tried to give trubisky the weapons that he needs they had to do it they had to do something mitchell trubisky matinee in the new head coach he wants to get his offense looking good for the two thousand eighteen season him coming from the kansas city chiefs so makes a lot of sense i mean alan robinson you know listen when i first heard reports that he was going to get a multi year deal i was like wow he's going to get a multi year deal you know coming off an acl injury now acl injuries are not what they used to be like when i was growing up in the eighties or early nineties when you got that injury you would do i don't know if we'll ever be the same this day and age we kind of know what the guys will be they might not be there total one hundred percent selves the first year back but usually the second year back they are he is not a guy that is run after the catch like odell beckham junior antonio brown so cutting is not necessarily his game his game is going down the field going deep jumping up catching fifty fifty balls that's what he did in jacksonville but a great addition for the bears and one less weapon yeah for blake bortles and the jacksonville jaguars.

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