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Sports good news right now. The new york knickerbockers are up seventy eight to fifty seven over the detroit pistons if they hold on tonight. The knicks will be over five hundred. What a season. It's been an out of every team right now that we've seen. I am most impressed with the new york. Knicks had eddie. Lee wilkins on with me. A couple of weeks ago and we spoke nick's basketball and what a turn around. The season has been coming into this year the expectations you wanna call limited. You want to call them non existent you ebbing. It was just again. We're coming in. It was going to be another. Disaster is season at the garden. The nice thing is now for some people about two thousand people. You'll be able to travel to madison square garden and see these guys play. And hopefully the fans being in the stands. We'll give him a little lift now. My question for you is taking a look at this roster. Julius randle all star player this year averaging twenty three point four points a game is he legit superstar. Can you build around him. Air the knicks. Not when we let's say season started thought to superstar players away. Are one superstar player away from being an elite team and that all right maybe a little premature. But i think that's where you have to go to and looking at this roster. I mean guys are playing great and then you'll quickly been a godsend for them the first time that we might actually have a legit young point guard in For the new york knicks for a long time. Since maybe charlie ward barrett's been playing a lot better. He seems to be coming into his own. Is he going be at elite player. I don't think so I see barrett as a great. Maybe third fourth player on the team. He's playing much better. He's evolving he's growing Bulak right now you getting what you can add it. How long are you going to be here. Nobody knows Same with a lot of this roster so if you looked and i said it earlier in the season there is about three players that mattered and now we have four with emmanuel quickly. So it's barrett reggie Sorry barrett quigley Obviously lovie toppin. Mitch robinson that is your base. Julius randle of this new york knicks team. And they're playing. Well obviously robinson out for another few weeks Nerlens noel stepping in the injury. Taj gibson right now..

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