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Correspondent Omar Villafranca has been speaking to Miami's fire chief who's leading the search and rescue effort in hard hit Mexico. Be today is the first day that we are focusing on debris piles naturally occurring piles that were moved by storm surge and we're beginning to search those as well. Workers cleaning giant mounds of debris with the claw are being told to keep watch for human bodies, which may be buried in the rubble of destroyed homes. It is possible that you will find a digital people absolutely zero Albin says the body count could go up in Mexico beach. But he hopes says communication improves the list of people unaccounted for will go down in time early full looks more like mid winner in Colorado and Wyoming getting a weather surprise a foot of snow serious cold while the threat of strong winds and potential fire zones has specific asking electric shutting off power to about eighty seven thousand customers in parts of more than a dozen counties in northern California. There has been a magnitude four point five earthquake tonight in Alaska Senator some twenty miles northwest of Anchorage. No soon Noni expected so far no damage reports. It was a retail giant in the twentieth century only fears brings you more selection. Well, now, Sears has selected chapter eleven. In bankruptcy reorganization has its hope to get out of a deep financial hole. It has a lot of reorganizing to do. This thing assets of a billion to ten billion dollars liabilities of ten to fifty billion dollars. Many Sears stores are expected to close before the end of the year. Now, the international uproar over the disappearance and reported killing of the dissident Saudi commentator Jamal kashogi Saudi Arabia is pushing back warning of retaliation against what. President Trump calls possible. Severe punishment should the Saudi government be linked to the case. Saudi Arabia just one topic of many as President Trump spoke with the CBS news magazine. Will you pledge on sixty minutes? Lesley Stahl asked the president if you'll promise not to shut down Robert Muller's, Russia pro pledge. Why should I pledge to you that I pledge I pledge and have to pledge? Attention until you stole asked, Mr. Trump. If attorney general Jeff Sessions will be departing soon. Well, we'll see what happens come midterms. She also asked if Defense Secretary James Mattis might be leaving the president said he didn't know I think he's sort of a democrat. If you wanna know the truth, Mr. Trump called Madison good guy with whom he gets along. Very well. Correspondent Steven.

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