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To do is learn the language before classes start which should be too hard gradualist us as american girls are totally going to kill it this year. They won't know what hit you hear here family. And you're getting what we want our way. He passing more that bread. That's bad skunk. Oh my god. Oh then the bread condo at the end. I loved that ashley says bitches to Lauren's dad she's she is herself through and through throughout this. And i i just love the the ease of which one can emigrate In this universe is well picked up there and then also like. Where's the money coming from. Yes except it's not like she was married to thomas and got left this money and hopefully she's not doing the flight attendant thing anymore Unless you got some sort of payout it seems like this lifestyles unmanageable. Because she's at this parisian has mentors sister's at stanford like i don't think shannon got a scholarship now although a shot i did very quickly after getting her laptop. Become sort of elite paca. So it's it's very entirely possible. But maybe she's on the payroll of google or something. But i was hoping that maybe you know how to fairmount monday. Maybe she after something. Oh that will be nice. That would be nice be killed. Yes like a quick turnaround on a will but ensures the idea that that hannah thought of her like a daughter which is intense yes. This movie is a four five point. Four on imdb. Let me check the ratings to see if the if the reviews if there's anything spicy. I always love a good review. Okay the first one is one star out of ten. I'm sick of these actors and actors that don't know nothing about about the world that don't know nothing about the world okay. This is by tube. Toby was written on july twenty first. Twenty twenty so shortly after the movie came out acting companies have to stop to lie about their really hard and stressful methods to mold. The perfect actors and actress when there are people like saxons Charbonneau out there. How can these companies be serious accept. Someone likes saxon. Just take a look at her youtube channel. It's childish pity almost trash in there. You can see oliver acting skills at work. It's not a joke. Her acting levels the same of her videos. If you want to educate someone start with educate these boys and girls from the rich neighborhoods which are which about the world. Do not know anything. Do not know nothing. Sorry air to oil to understand how things are in. This is reflected even in their acting skills. Okay so who the fuck is this person that they're going off. So there's a youtube star so the girl who played luke is sin shar beano and apparently. She's a youtube star. What does this new information or so. I'm you know. Obviously tube taibbi. The guardian of youtube by the looks of things has got an axe to grind was waiting for his opportunity. I have never seen that woman before i recognized. Had a has very lifetime face. I've been in other stuff. But i didn't recognize anyone out Hannah christina more does some familiar. She has done. Let's see. She was in clause. Mr student body president which was a series jesse which i think might be the show from disney channel. Debby ryan was on suburban tori. Nanno to one. Oh she played. Tracy clark on the nine. Oh two one oh True blood she seems to mostly have been A fairly serious address she also did a bunch episodes of mad tv I what i think. I'm getting tripped up on she. She gives me. She gives me similar vibes to the actress. That was that was in the mistress. Honda that we watched as status similarity into that facial structure. I mean they just kind of like attractive blond ladies of his age typing cut him out but she has familiarity to. That's like i think definitely an important thing with lifetime casting is like they have to feel familiar. Oh there's called plot holes galore which is just bullet. A bullet point list of the potholes. Oh yes please give the okay. I'm looking at saxons youtube channel. Why did it. Eric pull the trigger all the time. It took lauren to fetch her knife from her thigh. In stab him with it he had a gun pointed outer and have plenty of time an opportunity to shoot her but he didn't and there was no reason not to other than the standard unbending role of lifetime movies at the lead actress must always survived to the happy ending. I don't know if that's a plot hole. Now open the final sequence there is. It was so chaotic. It religiously running to the finish line and was probably some of the weirdest festival. Tiny sopranos beating henchmen has to be the worst hired assassin slash management of old high all of servers and shit. Too like every gun in this movie had a silencer on it which is like i think why not go through the trouble of getting us lila. If you're gonna rob someone out in a parking garage and be if you're gonna pull up to someone's house with your lights and beams. Aw right though like shouli the key here is the creed probably like ended the bloc turner lights off for sure. Yes yeah This next one is even though all the people who were stabbed in the lower stomach and lifetime movies over the past decade all survived. Thomas died at is true. But he was showing. Yes yeah he was like. Just let me rest. My eyes for sec. Why didn't lauren grab her phone. And call for help for thomas instead of just letting him die when she sat air with him at very valid point no way would learn have so easily gotten by as long as she did just being a dinner date for the rich clients when they thought they were paying for sex and it was never made clear that her friend ashley was doing the same thing or was giving your clients but they actually paid for. No we know. Ashley was getting no. She was yeah she absolutely was would have gotten to lauren. An amsterdam right after the incident with pulse when Right after the incident with paul took place it would have been at least the next day since she had to fly there from the. Us we know they. Time travel Hannah should have known better than to turn her back on eric after defying him than threatening him. That's victim blaming cried is true though. I would slowly back out of a room if i just told up. Eric lauren and ashley were initially portrayed as clean cut college girls with morals in self respect but they both fell so easily in a prostitution without even a second dot as if it was a regular everyday job. I mean that's a little the way you say. It is a little judgy yay. That's not the nicest way of couching but they did they did to the profession with very that'll Their questions i would love to see what the if that was an employment contract What the trading day might look like With the rules.

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