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Hi Carol Hello and welcome to. Let's talk dementia. Well today. I've already been out in the pool and it's just been wonderful into a mating things to do today and then a little more energetic. Maybe then I felt the last few days and I'm excited about that today. We're going to talk about mild cognitive impairment. I was speaking with one of my clients just earlier in Had the conversation that his mom had been diagnosed with. Mci Mild cognitive impairment in he was surprised. Learn a few things about it and I thought maybe I should do a show about it. Do you guys watch. This is us. I'm GonNa tell you that family never has anything good ever happen. I mean there's three kids and daddy died in a fire and Oma word life. There's they have good stuff is a depressing show and why I watch it. I'm not entirely sure but always do. I stay current well. The MOM has recently been diagnosed with. Mci Mild cognitive impairment in the doctor said Rebecca has mild cognitive impairment. That will lead to Alzheimer's or something along those lines and I thought okay. That's a little different than what I understand. Mild COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT. Because what we know. is mild cognitive. Impairment is not Alzheimer's so when I was talking to my friend Jeff earlier about his mom and he said Mons just doing so much better than she had been doing. Mom's husband had died I don't end the last year eighteen months. I can't recall exactly when I've told you this. Grief businesses serious stuff and it messes with you. She was dealing with that and she came awesome medications and she's had a huge improvement in her cognitive bing but she does have some issues and the dodgers have called mild cognitive impairment while he was surprised to learn that mild. Cognitive impairment did not necessarily mean that she would have Alzheimer's he just thought that it was the natural progression that it was early. Alzheimer's and there are physicians who will refer to mild cognitive impairment as early Alzheimer's when it's not so what is mild cognitive. Impairment will it is that inability to think clearly in all the situations of live or in many situations of why but it is not disabling. You are still able to function live on your own and and probably still work and pay your bills but things are just more difficult and waste thank Things aren't right with mom and we need to find out what's going on so The symptoms you forget things more often. You might forget appointment. Serve going out with your friends. You might have trouble making some decisions but overall you're still functioning pretty well. Then that is often called mild cognitive impairment. It is the stage between expected normal aging the decline. We get with normal aging and the serious declined. It comes with dementia. It's right in the middle in between those two things But it does not mean. You will have Alzheimer's mild. Cognitive impairment can be caused by many things. It can be a precursor to Alzheimer's it can be a precursor to Parkinson's or Lewy body dementia. It can be brought on because a vascular issues The things that we do we don't do for our body can cause on increased risk of cognitive change like diabetes and smoking and eating wrong and not moving our bodies and not having social interaction with other people being a reclusive staying in our home and not actually having a life so to speak we know that people with Mc MCI have a significantly increased risk but not a certainty of developing dimension. Did you get that? The chance of dementia brought on by a disease where it is an irreversible dementia is increase. But it's not a certainty on the Mayo Clinic. Website says overall about one to three percent of older adults develop dementia every year one to three percent of older adults develop dementia. Every year study suggests that ten to fifteen percent of individuals with mild cognitive impairment go on to develop dementia so for my friend Jeff. That's good news that only ten to fifteen percent of those folks with MCI actually do wind up with dementia for some irreversible reason like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's Parkinson's are newly body struggle. Whatever so that that's a little different than maybe what you thought. So he was looking back. Oh thanks July. August of last year of moving mom to A community had a a section. That wasn't memory care and it wasn't system living right in the middle which had more of a lifestyle like assisted living but was more secure like memory. That was a very good plan. Well she wound up not moving and has gone through. This process is getting better. And now they're thinking maybe she could go ahead and move and be in a community around people and have that social interaction that so important for all of us and I said you know. I'm not sure that mom needs to be in that middle ground. I think she's fine right there in assisted living more interaction. More normal lifestyle. Been What we would have in that bridge unit. That's between the two. He was surprised to understand that in host all assisted living communities. They will handle medication management. He's like oh I don't know mom needs to be in that bridge unit because she still has Franck leatherman's well how honestly don't know of an assisted living in this country that does not offer mid management night until you in London on. That's not the case. Those communities there are called assisted living. But they don't offer help with care for the for the human body so it's different there but pretty much United States. You're going to get that here. He was surprised to learn. And so I'm so glad. His mom has improved so what was going on at grief was weighing her down. I get it. She was on medications. That maybe she didn't need to be on any longer. Inter MEDICATIONS WERE ADJUSTED. And now she's feeling more like herself and she's able to get out and get about in participate in life. How wonderful that is. I want her to participate in life in the assisted living environment with people like herself where she can get very involved in do more things in had more of a live right. That's what we want. She can afford it. And I think it'd be good for her something to think about for your loved one so if MCI mild cognitive impairment those words have crossed. Your path don't freak out. Don't go mom's got Alzheimer's going change tomorrow. Well it's probably not true. It's going to be very slow process for them and it may never change. It may always just be mild cognitive impairment not to downplay that. I don't want to have those words set over me. That Carol has mild cognitive impairment. That would not make me happy but it also is not a certainty of Alzheimer's. That's good news isn't it? I know lady who was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment in her thirties. She's still doing okay. I spent some time ago. Well that gives you some hope in case you're learning about mild cognitive impairment. Or you're watching. This is us and Rebecca's got it and now they're worried. She's going to have Alzheimer's. And if you sing. The flash forwards were again. Never anything good flashing forward. I think we find her in a very dark place television. I've got to go back to watching friends and frazier because it made me laugh. You guys have a great day and I'll see you next episode of Let's Talk Dementia lessons and smiles. Let's talk dementia would like to thank our sponsors National Association of Veterans and Families? You can reach them at eight hundred three five to to nine one nine on the Internet at www dot in VF dot org. They speak veteran. So you don't have to and you tell them Carol. 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