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Party. Once inaugurated governing could be a challenge the outgoing president's ruling coalition one half of parliamentary seats Chiquita is going to have to make alliances change to happen. His opponents criticized him for being easily manipulated for opting for easier backroom deals the legitimacy of Kennedy's presidency is in question as downs remain about the accuracy of election results. But for now, many even those who didn't vote for him seemed to be giving him and it change. He could represent a chance. To us in Kinshasa. Our main news, the US has rejected Venezuela's decision to break relations, saying it no longer recognizes the authority of nNcholas Maduro government. This is the newsroom from the BBC World Service. The Australian government says missing Chinese Australian writer has been detained in China. Young son John had been held since flying from New York to Guangzhou on Saturday. There are concerns. The incident may be part of a wider retaliation for the arrest of an executive of the Chinese telecom giant Huahua in Canada. Griffith is our correspondent in Australia. Young Jin is a former Chinese diplomat who became prominent here in Australia when you move to decorate will go and became a prominent political commentator and also a novelist of some publishing online novels now, he became a known entity here in Australia. He was never that controversial in his blog posts. But he will talk about politics. Not of course, makes him something of a contentious figure he'd subsequently moved to the US. And it's actually when he was traveling between New York and Shanghai in a stop off in Gwen show that he disappeared. Now members of his friends and family suggested that at Guangzhou airport in the connecting lounge. He was taken away by Chinese officials actually taken on a flight to Beijing. We've not been able to corroborate that. But for the last five days has been a mystery until today, at least when astray Leah's government confirmed its has now been given confirmation by the Chinese government that they are detaining, Mr. young. Although they've not said exactly why. Or indeed make public exactly where how Griffith talks to end the long-running conflict in the Central African Republic. Get underway in neighboring Sudan in the next few hours. The Central African Republic has been caught up in ethnic and religious conflict. Since the overthrow of president Francois was as in two thousand thirteen Julian Bedford reports the government in the Central African Republic has little power fast. Areas of the country are under the control of militias accused of crimes against humanity. Almost two thirds of the population are in need of aid, yet charities funding, it more and more difficult to work in the because staff and clinics are threatened by gunman. The country has been in crisis for much of the pulse. Decayed a mainly Muslim rebel group swept president Francois disease from power in two thousand thirteen but they're up pricing ushered in a sustained period of religious conflict, which has been marked by the savage killings of both Muslims and Christians and the division of the country. There's little optimism that today's meeting brokered by the African Union will achieve a meaningful breakthrough. But one eight group said the Central African Republic was heading towards a catastrophe unless the Tuke succeeded Jillian Bedford reporting. Now, what else is happening in the world. Here's the rappers Jay z and meek mill of forming a group to campaign for criminal Justice reform in the US the raised fifty million dollars for the project meek mill who was released from jail. Last year says the current system keeps black people in prison rather than rehabilitate them. Russia is given foreign military. Attaches a briefing on a contentious new missile system. Does again insisted it's in full compliance with a key arms control treaty. Dating back to the Cold War. John Marcus has the details intermediate range nuclear forces, Orion f treaty is surviving on borrowed time. The US is due to pull out of the key Cold War. Odds controlled agreement next month signed in nineteen eighty-seven. It found a whole category of ground-launched missiles with ranges of between five hundred and five thousand five hundred kilometers the Russians. Now say that the weapon in question has been modified to reduce its range, though, experts fear that such steps may well be reversible. The US has long insisted Russia's adherence to the agreement must be full and verifiable. Real Madrid have topped the table of the world's twenty richest football clubs with record revenues at more than eight hundred eighty million dollars. According to Deloitte, the Spanish club displays Manchester United who slipped to third with Barcelona ranked second. The Japanese food company Nisshin has apologized after his advertising campaign appear to portray the half Japanese half. Haitian tennis Donayre Mia Sarker with pale skin machine said the artists involve had no intention of whitewashing, a soccer and confound. The advert have now been taken down the portrayal sparked criticism around attitudes toward race and diversity in the largely homogeneous country. The American actor Alec Baldwin has a pending court after allegedly punching a man in a fight ever parking spot. The star known for his role on Saturday night. Live was charged with assault and harassment. He's been ordered to take anger management classes, the altercation occurred in Manhattan's west village last year and Bahrain is to open the world's first underwater theme park this summer, we'll be one hundred thousand square meters and the centerpiece which critics have said is of questionable taste is a sunken jumbo jet. The organizers say the part will be eco-friendly promote. Marine life growth after years of fighting the so-called Islamic state's caliphate once reached across large areas of Syria and Iraq has now being all but wiped out all this left is an area around one small town in Syria sold around two thousand fighters are holed up that after the Syrian democratic force backed up by the US made gains, but mainly Kurdish fighters of the SDF facing life without the most important ally with the US announcing its withdrawal BBC's Middle East. Correspondent Quentin Sommerville has been embedded with the SDF on the front line. Just across. Feel this really is the frontline were walking towards the south of Susa and beyond. Here is thought they only have two villages remaining thousands of liters still in there. Operation planned later for tonight. So for this vantage point real sense of how difficult the fighting has all around me ruined buildings open field. A lot of damage. And it's a real Robert Warren terms of trying to find the enemy, but it's worse than that. Because Islamic state as always have dug a very intricate network of tunnels, and they're using those usually when. Airstrike just off today. Right. Can see a big black cloud, maybe about three hundred meters away. So. Yeah. It isn't. We'll just going into. It was used as a vote state hospital similar medicine. Interesting thing here is they leave this facility very quickly because the ceiling drips, the blood bags are still stands. Bloody clothing everywhere. Oh, yes. We're on the run and call note as I drive through village after village, the destruction is enormous. The US is increased airstrikes by a quarter of the last year as it hurries to exit from here. But even with the territorial defeat of ISIS imminent few. He'll think that there will be truly gone for good Raleigh. We lot is the Kurdish commander at the front. The gallagher. Media along with the coalition we have defeated these lung state in many times, but there are religious extremists. They're ideology remains their fighters are trying to escape what civilians, and they have sleeper cells in Syria, Iraq and all over the world..

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