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The day on radio with the times know your time's off off the recording are on a lovely sunny friday as we head into the weekend after being told about this possible bayshore tish we're not being told to rational water shower short showers was not long what's one thing you could not live without during the world cup tom says simply a tv mark football yeah i i get your point jets i get your point grabs formula one yeah ruins my life as well but let's talk about something very very serious indeed and that is a new report by mp's who now good morning a full inquiry into the scandal of the uk's role in torture and rendition after nine eleven a new report has revealed the true scale of the uk complicity in the american rounding up of alleged extremists taking them to people that socalled black sites effectively where they were tortured to get information that's one hundred fifty two page dossier led by a peace with security and intelligence backgrounds and lots of them and they said basically britain was complicit for number of years in the rendition extraordinary conditions where suspects of flow to another country from prisonment and interrogation and after the three year they say that it is beyond doubt that we knew how the us authorities were handling these detainees and sometimes officers even stood by and watched taking place well guess about this phillip ingram is a former british intelligence officer i talk to professor anthony's director of the center for security and intelligence studies at the university of buckingham good morning gentlemen good morning anthony if i saw it was you am this report is is is people say this is very devastating this is very shocking but is it shocking did we not always knew this was happening and the the british government and the british intelligence community also knew it was happening no i think it is a very shocking report and if so many other things were going on at the moment from well yup to brexit i think this would lead to absolutely major discussions aide on national life because what this report shows is that the british people and the family british intelligence of whom i am one were not told the truth about the complicity or british intelligence particularly am i six in the torture of detainees particularly by the united states of america so there's a reputational issue here and he's not just the intelligence services the reputation of the then foreign secretary jack straw the reputation all johm so's head a m i six and the actual head of six richard deal of the time this was going on we knew that the americans would torturing the intelligence chief told us we the british had absolutely nothing to do with it and we would not work together with the americans to enable them to torture people this report shows that was completely untrue jack straw back in two thousand and five it said unless we believe conspiracy theories isn't that behind this there is some secret state in league with dark forces this abuse nutrition the claims that the uk has been involved in rendition full stop and yet now it's emerged in this report that mrs dole personally authorized the cost of mix partfunding us rendition plane to transport to tear captors to a black site prison back in two thousand and four phillip ingram you've been working intelligence many many years are you shocked by this shocked by it because i wasn't iraq in two thousand five two thousand six the british army only signed off interrogation operations how we dealt with their prisoners and other other sensitive intelligence operations if we didn't get the right level clearances if i was unhappy about the approach activities didn't happen this shows over a long period of time is from from the informed turning a blind eye to apollo sea of a blase approach to what the law is about policy set at the top amazon meekly said we saw issues with richard in over there my six intelligence to be interpreted to take us.

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