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Working radio I'm not making any money Good point, fair point at Touche Touche I live. For the Twitter account that People Uses the, word witch, hunt All right Okay got to close with this because you know anytime I get asked to be involved in something I promoted and, if not I. Don't. Care yes You asked me to be on your Facebook. Live, video this morning yes there was drama and entry and this. Was fascinating to be a Russia go find it chicks on the right on Facebook, we we've done a couple of Facebook lives pest couple days yesterday we. Just. Titled at boobs to see if if more people. Than, usual, would did if you watch the one called bibs. It was about boobs and shoes. Mostly she did either of you show your, boobs now well no because we're on the anybody committee did shore cry I didn't. Mean. To show it I was like in the process of timing the dust to show my shoes and it just so happened, wears the short. Shorts And, then she's like oh my God you're crashes show She has. No sense, of like crush showing realized that. Was happening I mean, nothing's shown now let's be, clear nothing really, big show but But it. Kinda dead. Right real, quick your Facebook video today. Was fascinating to me because mach one of your friends has turned on you over, politics I guess, I mean I don't know what happened all I know is that the video that we did yesterday had like one point three one point three thousand comments on and I was I was scrolling through them this morning and I see this, name that I recognized from. Being, friends with her several years ago when my husband was back in racing and she Supermarine and she said you're a, disgrace to women yeah she called both of us at a total disgrace to women and then went on to say that she was like especially disappointed in me. And she's, called my name name wrong on. Like how good a, friend The thing I mean it's not. Like, we were super tight but you know we were at events together and we have like photos. Together and we liked each other and somewhere between that period of my, life and, now she unfriendly and hates me and I don't, know why so that's what we were talking about, in our, Facebook live this morning, because it was so weird that she. Would pile on into that comments section unprovoked I mean it's not like we reached out to her and said. Hey come. Watch this, yeah she watched it and. She decided to tell me how awful I am and I don't know why so, I wrote back, to her and I was just like hey I don't know why you're upset maybe you should message me about that instead of being a total hag on our video yeah I have a feeling that she is at were a disgrace to, women because we are Republicans. We, are conservatives we're on the right and and we actually were pro-life you know we don't believe in the murder of, unborn children and we don't get on board with this whole you know third and Fourth Way Wave feminists bullcrap and we're, you know we're conservative and so we believe in, personal responsibility, and all that garbage Down and there yeah a lot of, women aren't down with. That, I mean we have mutual? Friends still and like no one's ever said to me PS Stephanie hates you now you know what I. Mean like. F- why this is the thing I. Had, no idea until this morning, that this, this had, happened she's never she's never talked to me about anything yeah A lot of those women believe that their their rights are being taken away because they have bought into that. Narrative which. Is, a bunch. Of crap and nobody. On that side of the I. Can tell you what. Has been taken away from them because nothing has been taken away from them nothing we still are waiting for a phone call or. An, Email or something from somebody on that side. Of the, aisle to tell us what right has been taken away from women I'm, waiting yeah you're gonna don't, hold your breath I'm not? Have a great weekend it's a long weekend it's going to be for me because I'm in for Tony. Cats because. He won't say my name on the. Radio Say his name Folks. Dirks Bentley here if you see one, of my, concerts you know I'm all about, energy, performing recording traveling being a husband. And a.

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