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I think he's gonna pull through. I think he's gonna pull through. Good answer. Okay, That's why was this one family feud? By the way? This was family feud That would be number one on the board. Okay, okay. Have you know? I'm just joking with you. So let me ask you about sliming people. Because on this telecast, I have been informed there will be slime. You tell me. You're the Nickelodeon veteran. You know this inside it out who or when can we expect the slime on Sunday? You know, it's not Nickelodeon without mine that that'd be like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the peanut butter. That would make sense, So course is gonna be a climb on Sunday's gonna be virtual flying cannons going off in the players to detect sound, and it's gonna be so many different nixing the elements throughout the show that you guys are really gonna love let us they turned on. That smile, of course, is gonna show up. I like this Noah football wise. This is such an interesting matchup for the Bears. We saw them start off the season hot. Nobody believed in them. And then they fell on hard times already said, Oh, here's the real bears. They collapse. We don't need them in the playoff picture, and then they crawl back into the playoff picture as the cardinals and dub kind of collapsing themselves. So what? You think the Bears mentality is like coming into this game? I think a lot of people didn't want to even see them here. Yeah, I look if I'm going into this game, a farm at Maggie and midst Robiskie Mentality should be proved that we belong here at 18 8, almost limping into the playoffs has mentioned they played some good football down the stretch, and ever since Mitch too risky. Re took the reins at quarterback, It seems look like their mentality has shifted. David Montgomery's been healthy. They've decided feed the ball to David and let him control possession and that's worked. He's really played well. The offensive line, which is Put together by some spare parts at this point, due to some injuries due to some other unforeseen circumstances that got a couple undrafted rookies starting on their offensive line and playing well. Don't know their name Alice Bars and Sam must defer have done a good job filling in and David Montgomery has has taken the reins and he's done his part. And so if they can control possession look, the defense has plenty of pieces. We know that became X can take over a game. Polio. Mac could take over a game the secondary Still that's um impressive veterans who have been pro bowlers in the past, so there's no reason Chicago can't win this game. It's gonna come down to whether or not they can control time with possession because you give that Saints offense too many chances. You know what they can do? They can burn you time and time again. Gabby. You can be a very valuable resource force because on my show, we've got a lot of Dad's listening that have daughters around your age. They're wondering how can I be cool? How will my daughter's not think that I'm the biggest nerdiest darkest dad ever? If they took to tic Tac, and they try to master a dance. What will be the most basic dance that might be Dad friendly. Well, that's a good question. Um It's just picked up this called out West and it is officially three moves. So I think, Dad, you know, they could really take to it because you just gotta go side side even Hyde side, So it's nice and simple is really hard, too messed up. On bears also savage love by David Drew. I was also three moves. Al brother really good to get together because there's 400 met up there super easy to understand, and they're they're really good for dad and daughters to be together. Even if you have a bad hip or arthritis is still OK. Oh, yeah. Oh, yes, but he forbade hit hard, right? Hey, I heard you're Jason Derulo, super fat, so you could be right in on this. I'm sitting through that, That's all. Yeah. You're right on it. Yeah, exactly. I'm also told that there's gonna be a SpongeBob appearance. I don't know when I did aware, but I will be watching your broadcast, Not the stodgy, old stuffy CBS broadcast. So guys know when can I expect the SpongeBob appearance? That's going to be throughout SpongeBob will be a means. Stay at Look, your your questions were SpongeBob oriented for a reason he is and the entire SpongeBob crew are legend. True legends I don't know about like I was someone was asking me about this the other day, and I compared it to this, I said A lot of people like to use the argument of LeBron James being that goat. In the embassy because of his longevity and the fact that he's done it over almost two decades now and say what Tom Brady, I guess for if we're going to stick with the NFL, you could say Look how long he's been the greatest. Clearly he's the goat. Would argue it's the same with SpongeBob. The guy's been Right as a mainstay in cartoon world and really TV world forever. It seems like this point. So if you want to talk about goats, Nickelodeon characters you can't You can't start that list without sponge Bob Square pants, so he is going to be Similar to as I mentioned a mainstay on TV, a mean state in this game, so hope pop up throughout. I love this topic here and Gabby, you're a star on the reboot of all that, which was started back in the nineties as a kid sketch comedy show for Nickelodeon. And it spawned some incredible careers. Who is the goat off all that? Is it. Keenan Thompson is a tell. Is it? Amanda Bynes, who is the greatest cast member ever and all that history. Oh, you're gonna get me a struggle. I do think Keenan has had a very, very successful career. But him and Cal have been like gold to me as far as mentor me and things like that, So I probably say, using cell together. Okay. All right, Fair enough Diplomatic. And that's a good answer as well. Bears and saints on CBS and Nickelodeon so kids can watch One parent could watch the other. You've come both. Watch him together This Sunday 4:30 P.m. Eastern time. No eagle. Gabrielle Naevia Green Gonna be on the call for the Nickelodeon telecast, along with Nate Burlison and Lex Lumpkin. Guys. Thanks for being great sports. Can't wait to see the telecast. Good luck and have fun on Sunday. I'm excited for you. Thank you. I appreciate it, man. Larry. Thank you so much. Apex moment of my career, asking a 15 year old Nickelodeon star whether Taysom Hill could be a franchise quarterback market on the resume on the resume..

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