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You it's not working. Is it working now or is it still not working? Do you just have a buffering symbol of your computer or what's happening? All I have is a ten seat. Okay we'll give me give me the tendency then please. Rex Ryan looks like a guy who comes out of the bathroom and exclaims this. Ride is closed. Okay and REX. Ryan is crazy van Gundy. Who looks like the guy when eating a hot dog? Has the hotdogs slip out of the back of the Bun when trying to take the first bite? That's we have not been able this week because every once in a while we get our puppy Pause end up on the tile floor and we don't actually get running to the place that we intend to go so we've got a week's worth of polls to update here at Lebatardshow that will tell you what our show has sounded like this week in some of the things we've been talking about here before draft day. What are you have? There's to God's going back to Monday in terms of updating polls remember Sunday night was the debut of the Bulls documentary. So did you wear Jordan gear last night? Eighty seven percent of the audience. Said no no are Mike Jordan and Scottie. Pippen less good such a good question. Great Question Sixty. Eight percent of the audience said yes. Sixty eight spreads if not higher. I mean Mike Jordan and Scottie. Pippen are coming off the bench. Both of them. Do you want to look like Pat Riley? When you're seventy five. He looks great he does. He looks great. Eighty six point. Five percent of the audience said yes. I mean who WanNa look like that? When they're seventy five honestly should stay on Stugatz his tombstone. I tried to go into this with as little information as possible. Of course you want a documentary right. I asked you. Did you read any of the articles about the documentary and you just said no? I tried to go into these things with as little information as possible. Ninety seven percent of the audience said yes. That should be tombstone. Why are people like this? This of course is in response to Brooks kept putting up on his social media a stake in asparagus and somebody said while people are suffering and not eating and Scott Van Pelt wandered into the mentions and just as wire people like this. Why why are rich people allowed to eat during this pandemic? If you're the person who questioned that why are people like this. Eighty percent of the audience said yes. Stop taking pictures of your dinner. Eighty five percent of the audience said yes is steak and corn as arrogant as steak and asparagus. I'm eighty six eighty six percent of the audience. Now yes this relates to the question that Chris Cody. Posed is asparagus. Arrogant does asparagus. Look condescendingly down at all the other vegetables does. I do I a lot of time on this on I Chris I think off. The air was calling it asparagus. Eighty four percent audience. Yes are you using your phone as a phone more than you have the last twenty years? Great Question Fifty. Nine percent of the audience said yes. Do you lie to get off the phone just Monday? All right we'll get back to more of these polls give us the final percentage for Monday's polls ninety three percent of the audience said yes. They lied to get off the phone. Chris. Can you help me with something please? Because I didn't I didn't hear what you were saying about. Cal ripken junior before you were saying you hated to say something about cal ripken junior. But it didn't stop you from saying but I didn't hear what you were saying so yesterday I had the honour talking to Tim. Kirch in for a while for something that we're going to be releasing a little bit on the mystery create. I don't know if it's next week we're going to be releasing eventually and I was just giddy about it. I was talking to a friend about it last night. And we ended up talking about CAL ripken junior because perkins big orioles fan and then we started talking about his longest active games. Played streak in that that would that would never be broken and we ended up on his box score and I saw that for his career. Cal ripken junior averaged. He batted two seventy for one hundred sixty two game average for his career. He batted two seventy hit. Twenty three home runs and he hit ninety two. Rbi's and I was like I thought CAL ripken was a lot better than that so I looked up the stats from last season and I realized that last year my Florida Miami. Marlins HAD TO CAL. Ripken's on our team and we did not realize it. We had starling Castro who data to seventy in twenty three home runs so I was like. Wow We have a coward junior air the guy. We just signed Jonathan Vr. He had twenty three home runs. Seventy so the MARLINS had to CAL ripken. Juniors on their team Lebatardshow. The positions changed. He was a big power hitting shortstop back. Then and then everyone started crawling through the pharmacy and the shortstops became fifty homerun guys. That Lebatardshow is where you end up if you want to vote on the poll. Today's horoscope brought to you by GEICO. Jim Nine you may find yourself struggling with lert today. That's because you stayed up last night celebrating the hundreds of dollars a year you could save by switching to GEICO. Your struggle will continue well into the afternoon during Philip Status Meeting in which you'll.

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