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Weighed in on the firing of the M. B. T. A.'s chief safety officer he's okay with it as we hear for WBZ's Karen regal governor Charlie Baker says no issues more important to the T. than safety and then went on to sing a song he sung before money being put into the M. B. T. able results to be seen well down the tracks investing significantly on what I call the core of the system the bridge the bridge is the third rail all the rest has been a big part of what we've been up to the governor says the firing of Ron Nichols was justified I support the decision that they made to terminate he and his attorney however say it was retaliation for sitting down with the feds laying out allege safety issues including those nectar to the red line run away train a few years ago but the governor Charles down Karen regal WBZ Boston's news radio following that deadly motorcycle crash in New Hampshire state lawmakers will look into mistakes made at the Massachusetts registry of motor vehicles the registrar recently resigned after the agency failed to suspend the license of the driver charged with negligent homicide in the crash that killed seven people a review of the incident also found state officials had failed to process thousands of paper notices out of state motor vehicle violations an oversight hearing is scheduled for later this month sentencing day for map for just the Lawrence teen convicted of the killing of sixteen year old Lee Manuel Viloria Paulino a high school classmate three years ago it was deemed to be first degree murder with a deliberate premeditation and extreme atrocity or cruelty the two were both sophomores at Lawrence high school at the time Paulino is body was found along the Merrimack River first degree murder in Massachusetts carries an automatic sentence of life in prison this is a subject of student loan debt front and center in a meeting on Beacon Hill WBZ's care Carl Stevens was there along with a number of students UMass Boston graduate feet okay so it was one of many college grads who came here to testify in support of the student loan bill of rights to to measure designed to help student loan borrowers like veto deal with their mountains of debt he graduated with a debt of around fifty thousand dollars well I think like many millennials are.

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