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7.5 seems a little high, but it's It's on the number. So I think Tampa Bay wins. I think they probably roll. I am going to this game. The Ravens up against the Titans, I will be in the stands Sunday noon, Central time kick one Eastern I love the over. Titans can't stop anybody. They can get off the field on third down their offense is gonna have to score a lot of points. A J. Brown, Corey Davis, Derrick Henry John who Smith combined with Ryan Tannehill. I think both of these teams are going to score. It wouldn't shock me if they both put up 30. I like the over 54. I agree. This reminds me of Titans Texans last week in week 17. Yep. Bears going up against the Saints Bears After we talked about flipping teams, the Bears have turned into an offensive juggernaut with Mitch Stravinsky down the stretch the Saints starting around back into shape offensively, I like their defense, but Michael Thomas is coming back. Think they pull away this number fields loaded me at 47 a half. I'm on the over. Yeah, I got in my head. I probably just choose the Saint side. I would like to fade Chicago, but they're all the way out to 10, which is just a big number in the playoffs. It is a big number, but I think it's big for a reason. S o. I'm on the over, I think. Well, if you believe the saints are really going to get out ahead, then the over is a good play, too, because in the Bears, they're down 14 or 20 points, they'll likely stack up some points as well. But I like the over finally. Final pick of the out. Kick six Pack Browns at Steelers. This number is dipped down to 5.5 at Fanduel. I'm on the Steelers. I think that not having Stefanski is going to be a big deal for the Browns. I think you saw this a little bit. In the Clemson game against Ohio State. You can script early plays, but then when you have to start dynamically adjusting to what you're seeing on the field I think it's going to be harder for the Browns to do that without Stefanski there without the same coaching staff interaction that they would ordinarily have. So I've got the Steelers at minus 5.5 even as wobbly as the Steelers have been. I think they come out and play a good game. Get the win over the Browns. If there's one quarterback in this wild card round that I do not want to back without their offensive coordinator It's Baker. Maybe Yes, I think the Steelers is the only way to go in this game. We don't want Baker Mayfield going full Jonny Moxon and calling plays like in varsity blues out on the field that seems like it could be a recipe for disaster for the Browns. So there are our six picks were on the over in the bills against Indianapolis, the under and Rams and Seahawks. Box against the Washington football team. Ravens Titans Overbear Saints over and the Browns Steelers. We are on the Steelers love all you guys out there, Go subscribe to the outkicked podcast. Let's keep it going with the picks. Let's keep a Roland. I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend and enjoying the games will be back. Same bat time. Same BAT Channel Monday morning. This is out kick. On Fox Sports Radio. This is out. Take the coverage with Clay. Travis. Wanna make some money? Wanna win big Feel like your luck is about to turn well. Governor Pritzker has made an executive order that allows people in Illinois. That's me and you. Bet on sports without leaving the comfort of your own house. You can bet from your couch and you can get up to $250 to get you started. Sports Book Radio AM 15 30 has partnered with a local casino to give you double U. C. K G listeners up to $250 in matched funds to bet with if you open a new betting account and deposit 22 50 of your own. They'll match up to $250. So you start with a $500 bankroll. Claim.

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