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Garth Brooks. Who of art? Shit so I had to give birth to my way, baby. On My. Oh. Really, need A. Street shopping for one. Wow well. That was really amazing. That was amazing north. Take those really good. Really Good Katie Brianna. So far it's. Funny. I Christine Tom this is Chris. A moving from Seattle Washington to Los. Angeles California. Quit my salary job during mobile pandemic and took a conditional job. spoken working really hard in your life to get where you are today, and that's what I'll be doing, but unfortunately with my car completely full of my items. There's no mattress on top. And I don't have a bad i. have a sleeping pat. So that's off. A mattress would do me very well. Your Youtube has kept me smiling through some tough times in my life this last year. whoever gets this mattress full deserve it. Appreciate everything you guys do I'll be keeping it high tightened following Proto and feathering in La guys. Have a great one. That's good. CONGRATS on your move. Yes, and good luck. Good luck in La. Here is. Hey. Tom Christina sorry for the mess, but in the middle of work right now, so this is why I think I. Deserve a stop a mattress. Shut up. Shut the fuck up. Sorry about that about have some stains on my old mattress.

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