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Rigas has become quite personal. We talked to a built in MP now at the receiving end of Chinese sanction. Also, we find out why ships veer to the right when something isn't quite right. We also learned what did marriage is a chance to brush up on maritime knowledge, a zwei have guided through the extraordinary story of this giant. Container ship that well. It's basically taking a breather in the middle of the Suez Canal and holding up global commerce allow that, plus the sport after the latest stories. Live from NPR news. I'm nor Rahm. The investigation continues into Monday's mass shooting at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. 10 people were killed, including a police officer. Police say a 21 year old man is in custody. They say the suspect bought the weapon less than one week before the slaying. It's not known where Colorado governor Jared Polar says although his state requires background checks before gun sales, other states don't I think one of the biggest loopholes we have. It's a lack of a Guaranteed background check. We have it in Colorado Universal background check, But the problem is, we're only about two hours from Wyoming in parts of our state. You know an hour from Utah, and it's relatively easy to avoid a background, Jack. If you just drive on by gun elsewhere, so I would love to see Nationally that background check loophole closed so that criminals can legally acquire firearms. The Biden administration is pressuring Congress to pass stricter gun control measures. MPR's Windsor Johnston reports. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he's planning a path forward toe address gun violence following the mass shootings in Colorado. And in Georgia Senator Schumer says he wants to focus on strengthening and expanding background checks for gun sales, but is not ruling out additional legislation that would limit the sale of assault style weapons. Schumer says the Senate will take up a pair of bills passed by the House earlier this month. I've already committed to bringing universal background checks legislation to the floor of the Senate. The Senate is going to debate and address the epidemic of gun violence in this country. At least one Democrat has expressed opposition to the legislation. Any bill would need 60 votes to pass unless Democrats do away with the filibuster, which they resisted doing so far. Windsor Johnston. NPR NEWS Washington Brazil has for the first time logged more than 3000 Cove in 19 deaths in 24 hours. NPR's Philip for use reports. More Brazilians are now dying from the virus each day. Then in anywhere else in the world, Brazilians around the country responded to the pandemics deadliest day so far by angrily banging pots. Brazil's Kobe death toll is now close to 300002nd only to the United States. Thies protests coincided with a TV address by President Chae Belson arrow, He made no reference to his nation's collapsing health systems or shortages of medicines and oxygen. But he did talk about vaccines he wants, scoffed at Brazil's vaccination program is lagging behind. Only 7% of the population have had a first dose boss narrow now claims he can get 500 million doses by the year's end, without saying from where scientists say that will be too late. The briefs. NPR NEWS, British NATO Listening to NPR news. The jury has been seated in the murder trial of Derrick Show Vin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of the murder of George Floyd. Last year. Video shows show Vin a white man kneeling on the neck of Floyd, a black man for nearly nine minutes. Opening statements are to begin Monday show Vin has pleaded not guilty, saying he was following police training. Actor George Segal has died. He was 87 years old MPR's Giles Snyder reports on his career towards Siegel began acting on stage and on television in the early 19 sixties before moving into films and earning an Oscar nomination, acting alongside Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the 1966 Classic. Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Hey, you will pay football, huh? But, Yes, I was a quarterback, but I was much more adept at boxing. Really? Siegel began life in the entertainment business is a banjo player. He never gave it up. Even as his acting career took off. Siegel appeared in dozens of films, and he found new audiences on the television sitcom The Goldbergs, which is in its eighth season. Siegel's wife says he died of complications from bypass surgery TRIAL. Snyder NPR NEWS At least 400 people are missing after a devastating fire in a row Hinga refugee camp in southern Bangladesh. Officials say at least 15 people were killed. The fire swept through the refugee camp Monday afternoon, destroying thousands of shelters, The U. N says about 45,000 people were displaced. Camp has been sheltering Muslims who fled violence and me, Amar I'm Nora Rahm NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the Lemelson Foundation, committed to improving lives through invention in the U. S, and in developing countries and working to inspire and enable the next generation of inventors. More information is available at Lemelson dot award. Thank you for the latest news. Hello? Welcome back. This is news day. BBC World Service, Claire and Lawrence with you. Thanks for joining us Coming up Migration of the US Mexico border will also bring you news of sanctions. Tit for tat between China and the U Maura both shortly on. We like to say pictures are better on the radio. So we're talking about two amazing Images today the giant container ship that stuck across the serious canal on the dangerous beauty of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. People are visiting. On tours, toasting sausages on nature's barbecue. It's actually happening. We talked to a volcanic tour guide all of the way here on the estate..

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