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You can tell by the mic on my face that this is probably a special episode of the pocket now weekly. Hello, everybody. And welcome to episode three hundred and thirty four of the weekly brought to you by now and developers recorded over two days from Wednesday. The twenty eighth of November twenty eighteen now I'm somewhere in California actually in each and every part of this podcast. I'm in a different place in California as drive up the coast with the best, bud. You know, a Mazzy there Michael Fisher. Or of course, the Mr. mobile, we're driving up the coast in a Hyundai next. Oh, and Michael was gracious enough to invite me to be his co-pilot on this particular test drive. We're driving a hydrogen powered car up the California coast, we've gone from San Diego to Santa Barbara up to San Francisco, and now we're actually in wine country in Napa Valley, and we're gonna go a little bit further before this week is over. But while we were on this trip. We were having so many discussions on the road as you do during a road trip. We've had a lot of fun guns. Oh, each other even better in our friendship, and we had a lot of discussions that. I realized we should be having on the pocket now weekly, and this one in particular is a reminiscence of twenty eight t and not only going through some of the best devices that we have had the pleasure of testing this year as Michael has done his awards video over on his Shanna, which we do talk about in the first half of this podcast. But we also look back, and maybe some of the other pieces of news that came out some of the trends that we are looking forward to in twenty nine thousand nine that may or may not have started in two thousand eighteen. Rolling. Oh, man. I cannot believe I can't believe we're doing it this way. I know Sam as easier you can just sit there I have to be a pilot. But I I would imagine that the boy band. Mike says we've called him on the show we're going to help. Feel like I'm driving a seven forty seven. So to start folks in the back. To start off. I'm I wanted to ask like can you give a quick explanation as to why? Or even in this configuration. Yeah. Because of the steering wheel's over here. So that's. What I meant. So are in a car. Yes. This is a very special car, isn't it? Yes. It is. We're we're in a Hyundai neck. So and Michael Fisher. And I obviously don't the Mr. mobile is here with us right now, we're doing a special podcast for this week. A nice one hour just discussion inside of the Hyundai next which you're going to hear a lot more of probably later this year, definitely in two thousand nineteen obviously it is a hydrogen powered vehicle who and we have been testing this out. Thanks to Hyundai. Sorry. I dunno. Ed, do I do? We there is a lot to like about where we are right now out aside from the traffic, which we've taken advantage of. And that's the reason why we set up these cameras, we are recording our podcast here. So this is the bug weekly episode number three hundred and thirty four if I remember correctly. But if it's not, right. You probably have to crack number in the intro that I'm recording. After that. Well, yeah. I mean, we've spent the last few days together, we're spending a couple more. And then we're going to be together next week in a whole different destination. That's right. We have a lot of time together. Then obviously, you know of the as people say bromance between myself and mR mobile here time bromance? Brother having me on this. Very very glad that you're my co pilot for this. Also, thank you for agreeing to do the podcast Indus manner. I was just thinking man like we're looking at the Android auto ETA right now, we're.

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