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British and Spanish in the Caribbean affected people as far away as India all because of mushrooms those quote toadstools and here she's referring to the fact that it was allegedly common among especially English speakers to take a very indiscriminating attitude toward mushrooms. You know a lot of English speakers would just look at all kinds of mushrooms and say, well, they're all just toadstools. In terms of other political consequences in history, it's also been alleged that the Roman emperor Claudius. was poisoned with mushrooms though this is disputed the earliest accounts indicate that on October. Thirteenth fifty, four CE at the age of sixty four, the emperor started to complain of extreme stomach pain had diarrhea and vomiting you had trouble breathing low blood pressure and excessive salvation and I was reading a report in scientific American from. Two Thousand and one about a conference presentation by a doctor named William Valente from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and Valente argued that mushrooms containing Musk Corinne, where the cause of his death according to the symptoms reported and one of the traditional explanations for what happened to Claudius was that he was poisoned by his wife Agra Pena in order to clear the way for her son Nero to ascend to the. Throne and we all know good old Niro Now, the conclusion that that Claudius died by some form of poisoning does appear to at least usually have been the historical consensus but other experts doubt this one we should note I found a paper published by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine in two thousand and two by more men and Vedran, and they wrote quote we see no reason to believe. That, Claudius, was murdered. All the features are consistent with sudden death from cerebrovascular disease, which was common in Roman Times, and they also note that one of the forms of evidence they side is that physical depictions of Claudius in the couple of years before he died visibly declining health that would be you know consistent with the symptoms of this disease that they think would also explain what people saw when he died. So so we don't know for sure but as a strange apparently, emperor nero declared that mushrooms were the food of the gods and also kind of interesting because Claudius was deified meaning made into a god basically immediately after his death. Oh, well I mean that does. One could certainly interpret that as Niro being a very being very dastardly sneaky thing to say or it could be a coincidence because, hey, I mean mushrooms are kind of the food of the Gods Mushrooms are delicious I. We've gotten this far into a podcast about mushrooms without me just saying like I love mushrooms I've been cooking with a lot of them recently that we've been getting from a local CSA that has been supplying us with with Shazaki, mushrooms and Oyster? Mushrooms which are so delicious. Roast them lightly in the oven until they get a little bit dried out and Brown, and you can use them in anything. They're they're like they're meteor than meet. They are certainly like my family we are. We're PESCA -Tarian. But we we don't even eat fish that often so..

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