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Rates of infection and hospitalizations appear to be slowing in California and around the country. Correspondent Chris Martinez in Los Angeles, the nation's Heartland, getting clobbered with more snow than it knows what to do, with its bringing heavy snow to parts of Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas. And Iowa later on today, it'll hit Illinois as well. We're seeing a maximum snow possible out of this storm of over a foot in eastern Nebraska, eastern Kansas, northwestern Missouri and southwestern Iowa. CBS News forecaster David Parkinson Wall Street closed mixed. The Dow was down 37 points. This is CBS News. If you need to hire you need indeed, indeed immediately delivers quality candidates from our resume database when you upgrade your job post get started at indeed dot com slash credit. We, uh 10 No. Three on Monday, January 25th 2021 32 in the nation's capital, down to the low to mid thirties overnight. Good evening. I'm Brendan Hazleton, the top local story We're following for you this hour, the messy mix of weather that's been making its way through our region tonight. Most of the snowfall is not a serious concern. But there are implications into tomorrow morning. Let's go live now to storm team for meteorologist Mike Standiford. He has the latest And Good evening, Brennan. The big story right now is temperatures across much of the region are at or below freezing. Just had a little band of freezing rain and snow move through the region. And it is. I see, we're still seeing some light snow in light freezing rain at at at Reagan National right now, that'll be the story tonight, which weather advisory continues for the immediate metro area and points northward and westward for the possibility of some more freezing rain overnight, so basically North of I 66 north of Route 50 and also as are far western suburbs that abut the Blue Ridge. Watch out for the possibility of more freezing rain overnight and Rose will be icy tomorrow morning, ELISA extra time If you come into work later tomorrow that we'll get a warm front through here, and eventually, temperatures will rise into the forties and that will take care of the ice, but do watch out what a weather advisory continues. French about 10 A.m. tomorrow morning for the possibility of more icy conditions across the region, and I'll be back in just a couple of minutes with your complete forecast. All right, thank you, Much Mike and another reminder to drive carefully this evening. Maryland State police reporting they've answered more than 160 calls for weather related service over the course of the past four hours includes 31 crashes and at least 19 disabled vehicles. Snow emergency plans are in effect in Washington, Frederick and Montgomery counties and, yes, keep it with Throughout the evening for the latest, We will have that for you every 10 minutes with traffic and weather on the eights. Now to the pandemic and new tonight, they were set to get there. First Cove in 19 vaccine shots from a Nova health tomorrow. But now these Fairfax County public school employees and other residents.

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