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Circle for the opportunity for Joseph. Here's Joseph carrying it down the right side at center, you could sneak its way across the blue line Benito takes it away and floated back by the lightning net minute. Twenty eight left in the lightning power play. They have a three nothing lead early in the second. Cherniak turns the puck to Tony Sarah at center now Joseph taps at Ford. Adam Ernie dumps it in lightning pursue the puck radish left circle deflects off his stick and it bounces out to center ice lighting trying to get a change here. Turn passed it to couple of guys who were going to the bench. Fortunately, nobody come off the bench are also would have had a third too many men penalty. Joseph Steve's out to force it into the zone. Really pursues. It finds Ernie left corner left circle. Sara Lee left point Matthew Joseph left circle. Tony cross a circuit centerpoint. Quickly played the Volkov, right circle. Recorder. Ernie keeps it moving Joseph right corner. Back up point, it's Yanni gorge centerpoint, circuit chip, left circle. Gourd love quarter feet Volkov obstacle centerpoint circuit Jeffrey Joseph back for have at a point. Decent left circle Yati Gord pressured by home. Just maneuver at cross as for Matthew Joseph rights circle. Good possession time here for the lightning on the power play. Right point secretary left circle. Gored by Ernie already two goals tonight. He script by and he fires. It off the glass goes out of play was deflect that I think by gourd which will bring the ensuing face about to the neutral zone. Twelve seconds left in the power play three nothing whitening early. In the second. Pretty good puck movement by the Tampa Bay Lightning much better than their game.

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