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Two in its action there yeah i mean that that the cat that cast was and there were people that would come and go like like these amazing actors and people would say all what was like working with the you know when i go i don't know there are so many plot everyone on that i didn't get to meet a lot of these people it was the ark of that shows pretty coke is the first seasons i don't wanna say it's laidback 'cause it was in prison and it was over the top but by the second i would say the second and third seasons i haven't watched in a while but man it just really started gone places and um it was one of the shows like a ice that my buddy jo hassi's to watch it and we would that call each other after the episodes oh my god added peace e coli o mci put it the headphones odd before he ripped the a guy have you tunes oh my god it was just over the top and i've never had an experienced site that up until that point with a shower of like i anything is possible in the show yup absolutely and that was the beauty of of that time in that place and hbo with the time which coincidentally chris albrecht was running hbo with the time is now running stars were may have for your new show yeah yeah um but he just i mean he just gave tom like here's your budget in a much do whatever you want dumming literally noholdsbarred and that was you know if you're gonna make imprisoned drama that's what you want to hear you know you don't want to be on a you know a traditional broadcast network go on all eu freaking negro honore you you know i'm a skinhead who say they ever death.

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